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Type: Chamber
Region: Moria
Area: Zelem-melek
Location: [12.4S, 108.0W]


Budkhul-tharâkh is located at the junction between Zelem-melek and the Redhorn Lodes. [12.4S, 108.0W]

Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include:

  • None

Related quests that involve this area:


The following creatures are found within these borders:

Category Budkhul-tharâkh Creatures not found


The original purpose of the Chamber of Gabil-mamach cannot be found in the old texts and histories of Moria. The simple span that crosses this room does not seem to serve any vital purpose, and the wise might argue whether it is symbolic in nature, or whether something of import was once contained in the space below.