Bounty Board

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Part of the Allegiance System, Bounty Boards are only active when you have pledged your allegiance to one of the four factions, AND have completed the pre-requisites to unlock the Allegiance Daily Quests. (See: Accessing Daily Allegiance Quests)

Once you complete the Quest: Continue the Conquest, you will unlock daily and weekly quests that reward  Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance.

Your Allegiance hall will offer a quest to complete four quests across two different zones daily, and a single weekly quest. There is a Bounty Board in each of the four major camps in the Plateau of Gorgoroth:

Each of the four Allegiance Halls also has a Bounty Board, located next to the Expedition Organizers. These Bounty Boards offer quests that contribute to the current Daily Expedition.

Each day the same 5 quests are available for each region, no matter which Bounty Board is used to access the quests.

Each Bounty Board lists 5 quests per day per region. There are 10 total Allegiance quests for each region that contribute to each region's Continued Efforts Deed. Completing each region's Continued Efforts deed requires several days to collect all of the quests. Note: The Allegiance daily quests do not have a time limit. Although you can only collect up to 5 quests per day per region, you can leave the quests unfinished in your quest log indefinitely, and complete the quests at a later date, even if a specific quest is not visible on the task board for that day.