Beleriand (Damage Type)

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Beleriand is a type of damage found on some weapons, usually those of Elvish design. There are some Creatures that have resistances to Beleriand and will take less damage for it.

Beleriand damage is superior against

For Legendary Weapons, there are five sources of this damage type:

  1. A basic scroll from the repeatable instance Midnight Raid found in Echad Dúnann in Eregion. This requires an Infused Adamant for EACH party member and is a small fellowship (3 people) instance.
  2. S Beleriand + Orc-slayer scroll from the Galadhrim faction vendor, Nelliel, in Caras Galadhon for 20 Lothlórien Gold Leaves and 60 Lothlórien Silver Branches.
  3. Four different Beleriand + slayer scrolls (vs either Troll, Dead, Unseen, or Spiders and Insects) can be purchased at Thangúlhad in Mirkwood from the Malledhrim faction vendor, Millaesil. Each scroll costs 3 Malledhrim Gold Star Emblems and 15 Malledhrim Bronze Feathers.
  4. a couple scrolls (Beleriand + physical/ranged mastery OR Beleriand + outgoing healing) from the repeatable instance "The Defense of Galtrev" (level 75) found in Galtrev, Dunland, from the quest giver Bron. Bron stands in the middle of the market area near the Provisioners.
  5. Two different Beleriand + scrolls (melee & ranged offense OR tactical offense & outgoing healing) from Quickbeam in Derndingle, Entwood for 100 Fangorn Leaves.

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