Battle of Bywater

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The Battle of Bywater occurred on SR 3 November 1419 (TA 3019) (which is after the period LOTRO depicts) and ended the War of the Ring.

When Frodo and his fellowship returns to The Shire he sends Sam to Tom Cotton in an attempt to rally the Shire-hobbits against Sharkey's Men. Tom went to Bywater to gather troops. The same day he is confronted by a squad of Sharkey's Men and faces them alone at Bywater Road. Meanwhile Hobbits silently surround the squad and completely neutralizes it.

The next day the Battle of Bywater broke out when more of Sharkey's Men arrived to repress the sudden uproar. With Merry as their leader the Hobbits trapped by roadblocks and guerrilla tactics, and their leader was slain. Frodo himself was there, but still this day he did not kill but rather made sure none that surrender was killed and that justice was made.

The Battle of Bywater ended this day, even though the history will tell that happenings closely related were to happen. Such as Saruman being killed at the doorstep of Bag End the day after the battle. However, from a game-perspective this is about future happenings.

It may be noted that Battle of Bywater is the second of only two battles that ever took place in The Shire, ever. The first being the Battle of the Greenfields in TA 2704 when Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took beheaded Golfimbul and stopped the goblin invasion from Mount Gram.

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