Battle Frenzy

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Battle Frenzy-icon.png
 Battle Frenzy
  • Immediate
  • Your Fervour is instantly increased.
  • Gain a Point of Fervour every 3 seconds for 45 seconds.
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Adds 2 to Fervour
  • Cooldown: 1m

General Information

Class: Champion

Trait Tree: The Deadly Storm Traits

Rank Needed: 0


The trait Ardent Rage enhances this skill by adding two additional fervour pips.


Tactical Information

Battle-frenzy is a very useful skill for burst damage, allowing you to pull off skill sequences that would normally require using fervour-generating skills in between the more damaging ones. Some examples are:

As the power cost of skill sequences such as these is quite high, continuous use of Battle-frenzy over the course of a long fight might deplete your power without outside support, however.

As several of the Champion's utility skills require fervour to be used, Battle-frenzy is also useful as an opening or emergency skill, allowing you to quickly stun a group of enemies with Sound the Attack/Horn of Gondor if you or your fellows are in trouble (this is great as both an opener and an emergency move), heal yourself with Bracing Attack, reduce your threat with Ebbing Ire, gain threat with Raging Blade (good opener if you're tanking an instance, good emergency move if the healer is being attacked), or apply Flurry just before a battle.

For situations where area damage is undesirable or obsolete (such as boss fights), Fervent Rage is one of the most useful class traits from the Deadly Storm trait line.