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  • You have entered the Battle-readied State, gaining access to some skills.
  • +5% Melee Damage
    +5% Tactical Damage
  • Duration: 15s

Skill Relationship

The skills Battle-shout-icon.png Battle-shout and Time of Need-icon.png Time of Need will activate this effect on yourself.

The trait set bonus Readied Strike from the Hands of Healing trait tree will cause Valiant Strike-icon.png Valiant Strike to activate this effect on use.

The trait set bonus Readied Blade from the Lead the Charge trait tree will cause Shadow's Lament-icon.png Shadow's Lament to activate this effect on use.

The trait Elendil's Fury from the Leader of Men trait tree can cause Blade of Elendil-icon.png Blade of Elendil or Blade of Elendil-icon.png Improved Blade of Elendil to activate this effect after enough blocks, parries, or evades.

The skills Devastating Blow-icon.png Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack-icon.png Pressing Attack require that you be in a Battle-readied state to execute, and will remove this effect after being used.

Tactical Information

The Captain Main Hand Minor Legacy Battle States and Defeat Response Duration increases the duration of this effect by up to 5 seconds.