Banker Archbluff

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Banker Archbluff
Image of Banker Archbluff
Role Combat
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 10
Difficulty Normal
Morale 353
Power 144
Region Frostbluff
Map Ref [12.6N, 93.4W]


Banker Archbluff is found at the fort in eastern Frostbluff.

Quest Involvement


"You insult the mayor by coming here unbidden!"
"I'll not let you smear the mayor's reputation, or the reputation of this town...."
"Not after all the sacrifices we're made."
"I'll make you wish you never grew so bold!"
"Why are you here? Do you think any good will come of exposing us?"
"Do you think you have not also profited at the expense of the poor?"
"You think you are helping them by coming here..."
"But think! How many coins have you reaped at their expence?"
"I...I am not strong enough to stop you."
"You may do as you like. Just leave me out of it!"