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Image of Avorthal
Gender Male
Race Elf
Region Ered Luin
Area Kheledûl
Map Ref [21.5S, 91.4W]


Avorthal is a good-hearted elf who, together with his dwarf friend Athal, use to watch the road to Celondim and help travellers. He is the son of Cardavor. His name likely means "steadfast".

Throughout the quest prologue for elves he was missing, then it was found that he was abducted by dwarves, something that might escalate to war between the races of elves and dwarves. However, at the beginning of the united prologue for elves and dwarves, Mathi, the Lord of Gondamon, explains the difference between the foul Dourhand dwarves and the honest Durin's folk. Now all races join forces to rescue Avorthal.

Thus, Avorthal appears in two quest instances, one involving Kheledûl and one involving Crookdell within Rath Teraig.

Quest Involvement

Note: the full story begins with the quest Prologue (Elf): Unlike Avorthal.