Assailment - Stance

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Assailment - Stance
  • Skill Type: Stance
  • Adjusts stance to attack from afar.

    All Spear generating gambits and gambit masteries now generate a Javelin icon.

    All spear gambits now require a javelin instead of a spear, and several gambits become ranged.

    Receiving Melee damage whilst in this stance will harry the Warden, making them less effective at dealing Ranged damage.

    (Only one Stance may be active at a time.)
  • Enter your ranged combat stance.
  • Toggle Skill
  • Cooldown: 4s

General Information

Class: Warden

Level: 10


Using this skill applies the effect Assailment to the Warden. When the Warden receives melee damage, they receive the effect Harried, which reduces their ranged damage.

Trait Information

The trait Endurance Training in the Assailment trait tree gives this stance a passive Attack Duration reduction of up to 10%.

Tactical Information

Only one of the following stances can be active:

Entering this stance causes Spear Gambit Builders and Masteries to generate a Javelin icon and changes the Gambit Builder skills:

Most Gambits are changed in this stance as well: see Warden Skills for an overview.