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Image of Ardela
Role Taxidermist
Gender Female
Race Man
Region Lothlórien
Area Nimrodel
Settlement Echad Andestel
Map Ref [14.1S, 73.1W]


Ardela is a Taxidermist at Echad Andestel in Lothlórien. She barters Moria flavoured furniture and decorations for items adventurers may loot or obtains.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Krankluk's Hammer (Trophy)-icon.png Krankluk's Hammer Krankluk's Hammer (Barter)-icon.png Kranklûk's Hammer
Morhûn's Gemstone-icon.png Morhûn's Gemstone Morhûn's Gemstone (Barter)-icon.png Morhûn's Gemstone
Egg of the Mistress (Trophy)-icon.png Egg of the Mistress Egg of the Mistress (Barter)-icon.png Egg of the Mistress
Gurvand's Head (Trophy)-icon.png Gurvand's Head Gurvand's Head (Barter)-icon.png Gurvand's Head
Grimreaver (Trophy)-icon.png Grimreaver Grimreaver (Barter)-icon.png Grimreaver
Stinger of Brúmbereth (Trophy)-icon.png Stinger of Brúmbereth Stinger of Brúmbereth (Barter)-icon.png Stinger of Brúmbereth
Fungal Mushroom-icon.png Fungal Mushroom Fungal Mushroom (Barter)-icon.png Fungal Mushroom
Fire Orc Banner-icon.png Fire Orc Banner Gothghaash's Symbol-icon.png Gothghaash's Symbol
Dwarf Drawbridge Diorama-icon.png Dwarf Drawbridge Diorama Igash's Trinket-icon.png Igash's Trinket
Drum (Trophy)-icon.png Drum The Beast's Drum-icon.png The Beast's Drum
Miniature Warg-rider-icon.png Miniature Warg-Rider Glothrok's Token-icon.png Glothrok's Token
General Talug's Armour Display-icon.png General Talug's Armour Display General Talug's Armour-icon.png General Talug's Armour
Ominous Pool-icon.png Ominous Pool Watcher's Token-icon.png Watcher's Token
White Hand Shield-icon.png White Hand Shield Shield of the White Hand-icon.png Shield of the White Hand
Uruk Helmet with Stuffed Craban-icon.png Uruk Helmet with Stuffed Craban White Hand Helm and Feathers-icon.png White Hand Helm and Feathers
Caerog's Arm-icon.png Caerog's Arm Caerlug's Arm-icon.png Caerlug's Arm
Wings of Ergoth-icon.png The Wings of Ergoth Ergoth's Wings-icon.png Ergoth's Wings
Thaguzg's Armour (Trophy)-icon.png Thaguzg's Armour Thaguzg's Armour (Barter)-icon.png Thaguzg's Armour
The Blind One's Head-icon.png The Blind One's Head The Blind One's Skull-icon.png The Blind One's Skull
Heads of the Globsnaga Elders-icon.png Heads of the Globsnaga Elders Zholuga's Head-icon.png Zholuga's Head
Istûm's Head-icon.png Istûm's Head
Flagit's Head-icon.png Flagit's Head
Nornúan's Head (Trophy)-icon.png Nornúan's Head Nornúan's Head (Barter)-icon.png Nornúan's Head

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