Albert Yule

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Albert Yule
Image of Albert Yule
Title Town Crier
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Frostbluff
Settlement Winter-home
Map Ref [11.9N, 95.3W]


Albert Yule is the town crier of Winter-home. During the Yuletide Festival you have the chance to ask him some questions.

Tell me about the mayor.

'Ah, Mayor Goodnough...he has been mayor sine last winter, when his own father died and left him the post. It was a different town when the elder Mayor Goodnough was around -- his son was not nearly so rich, but other people were not nearly so poor. Everyone had work back then, bot some of the workers did not welcome the new mayor's policies about working more, making less, and sacrificing comforts for the success and prosperity of Winter-home. THOSE workers no longer have work. But the mayor did accomplish one thing: a fine festival, for that is what brought you here! Such attention from travellers has made the mayor a very happy (and rich) man.'

Tell me about the workers.

'So you have seen the work-area, have you? The mayor will be most displeased if he finds that out, but I won't tell him you asked, as long as you don't tell him I told! Those workers haven't had a day off since the mayor took his sear last year, poor souls. After the mayor took jobs away from the people who stood up to him, they've been afraid to do anything but keep their heads down and their hands busy. But do you like the festival? Their hard work made it possible, you know.'

Who are those sad people in the alleys?

'You may have seen some beggars and other sorry sorts milling about, seeking a handout of food or coin. You'd best pay them no mind. The mayor has no love for the, -- those are the very workers who stood up to his new policies. He made quite the show of addressing their insubordination! Now they have no employment, no food, and no money; he makes sire Guard Kember keeps them away from the Festival. They are less welcome that anyone, and there will be trouble if they don't mind their place.'

How do I join the snowball-fight?

'Do you think you have a good, strong arm? Do you have warm mittens? Do you think you can throw snowballs at other players faster than they can throw snowballs at you? If you've answered all these questions, you should certainly head north of town and visit the Snowball Field! You'll have to do some ducking and tossing during each round, but I'm sure you're up to the challenge!'

What about that eating contest?

'If you're interested in participating in the most disgusting display of gluttony ever seen in Middle-earth, I won't dissuade you. Every few minutes, the Mayor's wife hosts and Eating Contest. You've got to run from Eating Station to Eating Station, cramming all sorts of heavy foods into your gut. The more you eat, the worse you'll feel...and that's a guarantee.'

I am interested in theatre!

'The theatre! Why, a troupe of travelling hobbits has come all the way up here to Frostbluff! I don't know they managed it with their feet as bare as they are, but manage it they did. Those hobbits are strange creatures...very short! Oh -- you want to know about theatre. Don't ask me to spoil it for you; you need to see it for yourself!'


"Come here for your source of all things Festival in Winter-home! I am glad to give you any information you seek."