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Image of Agorin
Title Lore-master
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Mirkwood
Area Emyn Lûm
Settlement Ost Galadh
Map Ref [14.5S, 51.3W]


We first meet Agorin as a healer in Echad Sirion during the First Landing in Mirkwood and joining Fuirgam during the [61] Hilltop Assault. When the Landing is complete, she moves to Ost Galadh where we can find her later.

During the Hilltop Assault instance, her stats are Level: 61, Morale: 17,109, Power: 1,628

Quest Involvement

Echad Sirion

Ost Galadh


Quotes during the First Landing in Mirkwood:

Agorin says, "Has the blood loss slowed? Good. If he lives through the night, then he should be out of danger."
Agorin says, "Come the grasses of summer, your arm will be good as new, but I am afraid that for you, today's battle is over."
Agorin says, "The Enemy has laid an evil curse upon him. The Lady's power within Lórien will dispel it, but he must be returned there as soon as possible, or he will not recover."
Agorin says, "Orkish arrows are often barbed. Remove it with great care, or he will certainly bleed to death."
Agorin says, "Try not to move your head, or you may be overcome by nausea."
Agorin says, "Keep him awake. If he falls asleep now, he will likely slip away into dreams eternal. Get him across the river at the first opportunity!"
Agorin says, "Your fellows are fine. Even now, they bravely lay siege to the fort just north of here. I think you shall rejoin them in a day or two -- IF you drink this and rest as I have ordered."
Agorin says, "I am sorry my friend. There is little we can do...We shall meet again in the Light of the West."
Agorin says, "Fear not. We shall have you walking beneath the boughs of Lothlórien again soon."
Agorin says, "You wish to return to the battle? I cannot stop you if you retain the strength to wield your blade, but the blow to your head was serious. I cannot say whether or not you will be overcome by spells in the field...."
Agorin says, "That elixir will render you weak as a newborn kitten for several days, but it will purge the poison."
Agorin says, "Your injury is painful, but slight. We should be able to return you to the field come tomorrow's sunrise."
Agorin says, "Such scars will doubtless impress the young Elven maidens until they fade, but you have lost too much blood to return to the field for now."
Agorin says, "How many fingers am I holding, I have not even raised my hand yet. You cannot see a thing, can you? Take him back across the river."
Agorin says, "I am afraid you will be fighting with but one hand from now on -- but the cut was clean; you shall certainly live."
Agorin says, "Forgive me, such burns take years to heal, and there will be periods of great pain. I am afraid your battle is over now."
Agorin says, "Make sure those leaves are crushed thoroughly before you apply the poultice, or it will be of no use."
Agorin says, "Your shoulder was dislocated. It will be difficult for you to fight without pain, and I apologize, but the commander has asked me to return any who can raise sword to the field."
Agorin says, "I am sorry -- I have no word yet of your brother. No-one has heard from him since the ambush in which you were injured."
Agorin says, "He shall soon journey into the West...return the body to Lothlórien that his family may see to his disposition."