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Hey! You there! What are you doing here?

Oh, all right then.

~ Torang (char on Landroval) / Aloro (forum name)

vol 2 bk 8

What has Lenglammel to say about what is happening in Moria

What do you think Gorothúl has done?
'I am not entirely sure. We were not aware of his presence before your encounter with him at Zabadgathol; if he had a purpose beyond strengthening the loyalty of the Orcs to his Master, he would have had the time to accomplish it. My instincts tell me may have... marked... locations of interest in some way, made them somehow a draw for the spirits of evil that gather in the deep places.
'The servants of the great Maiar spirit that ruled in Moria for so long hunger to come forth. I fear Gorothúl may have devised some means of showing these servants the way.'

Can these servants not be defeated?
'The servants of the Balrog that ruled in Moria are not as powerful as their master, but they were there in the beginning, during the long dark before the world became as we know it. Unless a greater power than any we possess intervenes, they will be there in the end. You might defeat them for a moment, serving to weaken the forms they wear, but over time they will grow in strength and ferocity. If Gorothúl has somehow lit a beacon for these beings, that they may find their way back to these halls, then it is already too late. There can be no lasting victory against them for so long as Gorothúl's mark lasts.'

What has Forglinn to say about what is happening in Moria

I will tell you the words of Mazog
Forglinn listens intently as you recount the words spoken by the Orc-king within Rushdurinul. When next he speaks, his face is grim.
'I think Mazog was speaking the truth, my friend. I do not know very much about the War of the Orcs and the Dwarves, but I do know this: the son of Azog would not abandon the rule of Moria unless he believed it would become unfit even for his own kind. Years ago, his brother led the Orc army to Erebor, and died there. Mazog is the only surviving heir of Azog, and would consider rule of Moria his birth-right. Only a great terror like Gwathnor, or several of the Caeryg, could devastate Moria in such a way that Mazog would be disinterested in controlling it.
'What you have told me truly came from the Orc leader?'

How could Gwathnor possibly return?
'Few only in Middle-earth possess the power to destroy Gwathnor for good. I believe Mithrandir could have, had he not fallen in battle with its master. Few others, and none in Moria, though Gwathnor itself is a lesser spirit and of low rank among its kind. If Gorothúl devised some means of showing Gwathnor the way back to these halls, I fear it might be very possible for it to return when its strength does.'

Grawulun seemed to be no threat.
'We know little of the Caeryg, but it seems they feed upon the earth in some way, drawing strength from the very stone. Grawulun is known to the Elves, and his is a name of dread. His was a weakened state in Buzun-ghâr, but if he is able to return and remain undetected for too long a time...
'Let us hope that does not happen. The few scrolls that refer to Grawulun refer to him in the plural. I hope that is merely an error, and not a troubling reference to Grawulun's full strength.
'The more quickly we discover Grawulun's return, if indeed he does, the better for us all. His return could have terrible consequences.'