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Current Focus

Randomly woking on projects here and there; but my lotro time is sporadic
Currently taking a hiatus from Lotro Will plan on keeping cosmetic search site available with hopes cosmetics are someday added to the 'Collections'
User:Savitara/Sandbox - Woodworker guild patterns
User:Savitara/Sandbox2 - Deed overview tables by category or subcategory
User:Savitara/Sandbox8 - Link Checks for cosmetics

Cosmetic Style Project

Provide a visual guide to the array of cosmetics in game.
  With such a tool, players can easily see if a dropped gauntlet is worth hanging on to, or if those bound boots are cosmetically available elsewhere.

Framework is set up on Cosmetics for the wiki. Feel free to contribute!

Built a personal project at Details my own cosmetic collection.
Built cosmetic database framework (focused on the style image) at (allows all those cosmetic images to be searched by their features)

Armour sets...want to add

Personal Quick References

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Tooltip Icons Category:Armour Icons
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