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PinkFae Neilikka
Portrait of Pinkfae Neilikka
The Palantiri
World: Landroval
Vocation: Historian
Class: Loremaster
Race: Silvan Elf
Region: Lórien
Age: born on October 11, T.A. 981
Height: 5'7"
Sex: Female
Skin: Fair
Hair: bronze
Eye: sky blue

PinkFae Neilikka was born on October 11, T.A. 981 in Lórien. Like the majority of elves in Lórien, PinkFae is a Silvan Elf of Nandorin decent. Pinkfae is the daughter of elven-wheat farmers from Lorien. She is the elder sister of Bluefae and Rosefae. She became interested in studying lore after Durin's Bane was awakened, but was forbidden to take up the ways of the loremaster by her father. It was his hope that she would carry on the family tradition as farmers.

With the third age drawing to a close, Celeborn ordered many of the farmers to travel west to the Undying Lands. Her parents went to Aman followed closely by Pinkfae and her brother.

Upon reaching Duillond, Pinkfae and the rest of her company was greeted by Elrohir, whom urged the refugees to travel to the west to fight off a goblin horde. Yet, no one went to follow him on his quest.