Update 9.1 Official - January 23, 2013

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Release Notes Update 9.1 - Official

Of Special Note

Item Search Functionality

There’s a new “Find Items” dialog which allows you to find items by typing in part of their name. This dialog can be brought up using a customizable shortcut (set to Alt-F by default), or by clicking the new magnifying glass icon on the inventory bags next to the “x”. The dialog will also search in vendor windows, scrolling the window as appropriate. The vendor windows also have the magnifying glass icon next to the “x”.

The items are highlighted using the “New Item” Overlay, and the highlights go away when the “Find Items” dialog is closed. You can also search by using the “/fi” player command.

Release Notes


  • Space Combat has been removed from the game. (We know…)
  • As part of the Miss Chance revision, we have removed Miss Chance from Dread.

Monster Play

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Tracking Talisman Box from being usable by Creeps. These items can now be opened by all Creep players.


Mounts & Travel

  • Travel mounts are no longer invisible to players.


  • Festival quests will now be removed from your quest log when the festival ends. If you currently have festival quests from previous festivals in your quest log, these will be removed in the next update. Please note: Frostbluff winter festival quests will also be removed from your log in a future update.

Raids, Instances, & Skirmishes


  • Addressed an issue that would occasionally cause NPCs to not appear to players.

Iorbar's Peak

  • Greatly increased the damage of the falling boulders thrown by giants
  • Slightly reduced the cooldown of Helf's 'Hammerfists' skill on tier 2
  • Greatly increased the damage of Helf's ranged attacks
  • Increased the magnitude of Helf's protective bubble
  • Increased the frequency of Helf's bubble skill in the final phase
  • “Helf's attacks too puny. Now, Helf strong. HELF SMASH!" Increased Helf's overall damage output.

Scaling Instances (Classic)

  • Drop rates on Star-lit crystals and 2nd Age Symbols have been slightly reduced.
  • The tier of relics dropped from chests has been increased, usually by 1 step (where level 85 chests gave Tier 4 and 5 relics, they will now give 5 and 6).
  • Increased the quality of IXP runes which can be dropped from level 85 content.
  • There is now an additional chance to get a relic or IXP rune. The Tier of the relic/quality of the IXP rune will depend on the level of the space, ranging from Tier 2 to Tier 5. This is a guaranteed drop from final bosses, and will drop commonly from other bosses.
  • Many instances have seen the amount of marks, medallions and seals they give changed. Some have been reduced while others have been increased.

Scaling Instances (Erebor and Dol Guldur instance 3/6mans)

  • Adjusted the chance to get equipment drops. T1 will see a higher chance to get a piece of gear, which is most likely Rare, for each player. T2 will see a slightly higher chance to get equipment drops, with a higher chance to get a piece of Incomparable gear for each player.

Scaling Instances (Challenge chests):

  • Each challenge chest will offer additional chances at getting Tier 5 Relics and XP runes. The chances increase with the group size.

Barad Guldur

  • Reduced the quality of the regular boss chests for Durchest and the Twins on Tier 1 and Tier 2. They will no longer drop 2nd Age Symbols, among other things. Challenge chests and the Lieutenants chest remain unaffected.
  • Reduced the chance of getting equipment drops for each player on T1 and T2 difficulty slightly.

Sammath Gul

  • Completing the challenge mode will reward the expected number of marks, medallions and seals. Challenge mode previously gave too many medallions and seals, but no marks.
  • Guldur Goblins will no longer drop scaling equipment

Town Services

  • Vendors in Mirkwood and elsewhere have finally gotten the news that Medallions of Dol Guldur have been replaced, and are now willing to accept Medallions for their wares.

Source: Update 9.1, Official