Update 7.1 Official - May 30, 2012

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Update 7.1: Official Release Notes

Update 7.1 Official Release Notes



  • Captain Tactics skill buffs can now be reapplied properly

Lore master

  • The secret of temporary invisibility has been lost! Lore-masters will no longer disappear when using certain skills.


  • We convinced Major Ballad to stop trying on Chord of Salvation's animation, as the animation didn't really fit. Major Ballad has graciously agreed to just stick with its original animation.


  • The spawn-in timer on the guards that surround the defeat locations has been lengthened to allow players that are killed just as a keep falls to not be killed again by unfriendly guards.
  • Items - PvMP - The stats on the Gauntlets of Perseverance have been increased to match the other two sets.
  • Due to the pickup in the economy, Ettenmoors vendors will once again be able to offer 10 potions for the same price! This offer affects Monster Player food, as well.

Raids, Instances, & Skirmishes


  • Minor bugfixing to boss fights and trash pathing in Fornost.
  • Oakheart's flight now requires killing the 2 bosses to complete.
  • Successfully completing the Earth wing in Challenge mode will now award seals.
  • Adjusting currency drop rates as follows.
    • Seals: Instances will give more seals per run on completing a Challenge.
    • Medallions: Instance optional quests will give substantially more Medallions per run.
    • Marks: Reduced amount of marks given from Challenge modes to be around the amount given from a boss kill -- giving more than the entire instance combined was over-kill.

Storm on Methedras

  • The gates in the Storm on Methedras Skirmish were bugged, allowing players to close them, thus preventing completion of the Skirmish. They have been reset so that players cannot manually open or close them.


  • All the Classic Fornost weapons are now Bind on Acquire.
  • Great River quest clothing rewards no longer have a Minimum Level requirement.
  • "Mystery" Hauberks now call the correct icons.
  • "Mystery" cloaks have been added to the Skirmish Cosmetic vendors, to go along with the "Mystery" Hauberks.
  • Nurar (classic Fornost head armour) is now listed under Medium Fornost armor, instead of Light.

Legendary Items

  • All Burglar and Champion Legendary Class items can no longer be upgraded with Star-lit Crystals. Any Champion and Burglar Legendary Class Items on which Star-lit Crystals were used will retain the bonuses even though the Legendary Item will not display that it has been upgraded.
  • Guardian legacy Threat Generation Up will now properly display ratings greater than 34.
  • Star-lit Crystals are now of Incomparable quality, and will respect loot rules.


  • Great River Crafted Weapons should be back to their original stats
  • Tier 7 Bulk recipes have been added to the skirmish vendors, with “improved” versions added to the Rohirrim Quartermaster in Galtrev.
  • Items - Some Tier 7 Crafted Weapons were still calling Outgoing Healing. They will now give Tactical Mastery.


  • Dunland: The quest that sends the player from the Bonevales to Trum Dreng after Bonevales content is complete should now direct you to the appropriate location instead of an area where quests aren't yet available to you.
  • Sunset Storm: A bug with the new versions of Dagbert’s quests in the Brown Lands prevented the wrapper for A Sunset Storm being bestowed. A fix has been put in place that opens the wrapper with the completion of any one of the quests. This does not seriously affect the story, and all quests are still completeable.
  • Moria - Waterworks - You should now be able to finish the Waterworks regardless of quests underway before Update 7.
  • Players will now talk to Byrnstan, not Gadda, in Stangard to complete the A Prisoner to Stangard quest after being ported out of the instance. They will no longer be blocked from completing Wailing Hills and returning to the storyline quests in Eorlsmead.


  • Deeds in Great River are now correctly granted to players who have purchased Great River region, or are subscribers. In Update 7, a bug was introduced which caused these deeds to only be bestowed if a player purchased Isengard. The deeds will automatically count the quests the players completed even while they didn't have the deeds in the journal.


  • Moria Tasks should now correctly award Item XP.

Maps & travel

  • Fixed the Task icon on the map to have the correct feather rather than the four tiled ones.
  • Mapnotes that must be discovered to be seen will once again not appear on your map unless they have been found on that character.

NPCs and Town Services

  • Potion vendors have gotten together and decided to share their wares. As such, all potion vendors will now sell every level of curative potion.

Graphics & EFX

The Shire Board of Health has taken special interest in the sudden spike in obesity rates among portions of the Hobbit population. As a result, some Hobbits were denied Elevensies in an effort to help them slim down and lead healthier lives.

Source: Update 7.1 Official Release Notes