Update 6.1 Official - April 16, 2012

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Update 6.1 Official

Of Special Note

The Anniversary festival is here! Celebrate five years in Middle-earth with a newly revamped Anniversary Festival featuring new rewards, new events, and improved versions of your favorites! Read the developer diary for more details and see our Anniversary page for all of the great items we’re giving away to celebrate!

By Player Request

When you acquire a new item, the icon for the item in your inventory will be temporarily marked with an overlay to indicate that it is new. You can clear the "new item" status by any of the following methods:

  • Select the item (by clicking on it)
  • Examine the item (by hovering over it)
  • Close the inventory bag containing the item (by clicking X or toggling visibility)

Note: If you acquire items that add to an existing stack, the stack will also be marked with the "new item" overlay. When you acquire a new item and it is placed in an inventory bag which is currently closed, the button on the toolbar that opens the bag will be highlighted. The highlight will clear when the corresponding bag is opened (either by clicking on the button or via hotkey).

Release Notes


  • Addressed an issue that was causing lock-boxes to 'reward' players with less than exciting items. Those responsible for stuffing the boxes have been flogged.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing a specific type of client hitching and stuttering.
  • Players should no longer become stuck on a horse travel route.
  • Adjusted the drop rate for crafting materials from landscape mobs. Backpacks, corpses and landscape chests, however, should still have a chance at dropping crafting materials in stacks of 5.
  • Many items which could not be sold have had their sell values removed, to prevent confusion.
  • Barter Wallet: Many missing small icons should now appear.
  • Classic Skirmish vendors decided their nostalgia towards the old Helegrod barter items wasn't worth asking for them, and will once again accept Marks and Medallions for the Helegrod armour sets.
  • Anniversary coins and gift boxes have had their levels adjusted and a new tier has been added.



  • Fixed the female Captain Rallying Cry to take effect at the same time as her male brethren's does.
  • Captains currently unable to slot the trait Echoing Shout should now have access to the trait at the Bard.


  • Guardian's Threat Stance will now receive more block and parry ratings as the Guardian increases in level.


  • If you have the new spirit pet appearances, traiting ""Hardy Companion"" should no longer change them back to the original Spirit of Nature appearance.
  • The Lavenhebron 5-set bonus functions again.


  • The damage done from Coda of Fury and Coda of Resonance should be back to previous levels.
  • When two minstrels are in the same Fellowship, Coda use by one of them will no longer prevent Coda use by the other.


  • Fixed a bug where the instant cast version of Self-Motivation was not progressing the deed "Overflowing Confidence"


  • War-cry now has an AOE Threat effect when in determination stance.
  • Fixed an issue where the potent version of War-cry was not picking up the added threat bonus that it was supposed to be applying to targets.
  • Battle-preparation will now be dispelled upon using any gambit.
  • Boar's rush no longer attempts to apply the daze effect in all stances when critical strikes apply.
  • Adroit Manoeuvre and Reversal's ranged version will now load into Battle Memory when the warden is potent.
  • The legacy Shield Gambit Buff Duration Legacy now correctly modifies all shield associated buffs.
  • The Warden trait Terrible Visage will now correctly apply its +5% damage bonus to Fist gambit Damage over Time effects while in Assailment and Recklessness stances.
  • All Warden physical bleeds will now use the damage type of the weapon that inflicted them.
  • The Warden trait Terrible Visage will no longer increase the threat from Exultation of Battle to absurd levels.
  • Gambit Default can now be used at range.
  • Deadly Insult now gives +10% weapon damage to Fist Gambits
  • Wardens using conviction in a group together will no longer overwrite each other's fellowship healing effect. Instead, multiple wardens will each be able to apply their conviction effects to the fellowship. Each warden can only apply one effect to their fellowship at a time.

Monster Play

  • Freeps can now barter the pre-Update 6 versions of the Band of Fury and Ring of the Resolute Defender for the new Update 6 versions of the rings; allowing them to complete their sets.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing some npc monsters to grant Commendations on defeat to Creeps only. NPC Monsters no longer grant Commendations.
  • The first two tiers of the Man and Elf Slayer Deeds were providing more Commendations than intended. These now give out the same amount as the Hobbit and Dwarf Slayer Deeds (100/1000)

Raids, Instances & Skirmishes

The Rift

  • Can be accessed as a raid once again.


  • Draigoch will now award currency upon defeat

Roots of Fangorn

  • Wiping on the web-tender fights will no longer cause the fights to trigger prematurely, which could block progress.
  • Quests of Limlight Gorge Deed now rewards limlight gorge rep.
  • Quest status will no longer reset when you leave the instance and return (unless the instance closes, of course).
  • Web tender doors should no longer risk becoming stuck in event of a wipe.
  • Venomous spiderlings can now re-apply Hideous poison(!)
  • Hideous poison can now stack in T2(!!!)
  • Venomous spiderlings HP reduced substantially.
  • Spiderling spawn rate in boss room reduced slightly in T2.
  • Venomous Spiderlings are now swarm statted, and their spawn rate has been slowed modestly in T1 & T2.



User Interface

  • Encounters on the Specific tab of Instance Finder will now be ghosted if they cannot be accessed by the player. Once the ghosted encounter is selected, the tooltip on the Join Now button will explain why the encounter cannot be run.
  • You will no longer get landmark names repeatedly popping up on your screen when other players enter the area.
  • The Particle Response Indicators for Criticals, Block and Parry events will once again trigger.
  • Legendary Items of level higher than 65 and items acquired in scaling instances should now sort correctly in the vault.


Source: Update 6.1 Release Notes