Update 40.1 - Wednesday June 5, 2024

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Previous patch: Update 40.0.1 - Wednesday May 22, 2024
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Update 40.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 40.1, released on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024.

Of Special Note

Celebrate with both Midsummer and the Yuletide Festival!

Both the Midsummer and Yuletide Festivals are back! June 6th through June 25th!

Yule Hobbit Gifts have been enabled for the duration. Silver Hobbit Presents see the return of the Ringló Steed as a possible bonus gift. Gold Hobbit Presents gain new Elven Leaf War-steed Cosmetics as a possible bonus gift.

Virtue XP awards from Hobbit Presents have been bumped up to the next higher tier for the duration of the festivals.

"A Festive Flurry" quests now each require three completions of the daily quest "In the Spirit of Yule", down from four. Thus completing "A Fortune of Festive Spirit" will now require a total of twelve days of participation in the Yule Festival, down from sixteen.

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News and Notes

  • The Lightless Matron returns to the Flooded Undercity of Umbar Môkh.
  • The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo
  • We fixed a typo in The Evil Within deed.
  • When fighting Umshûra, if all the boats were used to attack the head and the fight reset, it was possible for no new boats to appear. This has now been addressed.
  • Barley Bread crafted in the Westfold is now called Black Barley Bread.
  • We have corrected the issue where you would only see the Umbar Guild Daily quests if you were Proficient in Umbar Crafting. This has been returned to the Proficiency in Gundabad Crafting requirement.
  • Recipe items for the Umbar daily quests no longer have a restriction to learn them of being in the Umbar Craft Guild.
  • Corrected a typo in the name Phâredar in the "Infusion from the North" quest line.
  • GERMAN: The German Umbar-Môkh: the Neaths map now displays all lines properly in German.
  • Catacombs - Vaults - NPC Bakhadir - Now has updated voice over audio.
  • Umbar-môkh Bounty quests "Bounty: Legwêna" and " Bounty: Drâghru" can now be completed multiple times.
  • Giant Ilmabiri Crocodiles now drop skins that advance the quest in "Restocking the Skins".
  • The Shipboard Lions in "Instance: Lair of the Beast" will no longer become unattackable if you leave combat with them.
  • The Brawler Armour of the Peerless Hand-fighter will once again display properly on avatars.
  • Additional music has been added to the Catacombs of Umbar and some tweaks have been made to the ambiance.
  • Additional music has been added to the 'Umbar-môkh' Themes and 'Umbar-môkh Combat' Themes music boxes.
  • Several quests in the Temple area did not provide reputation, this has been updated. Those who complete these quests from now on will gain the appropriate reputation.
  • Guardian - Max morale granted by Umbari Armour of the Protector's set bonus is no longer momentarily removed due to max fortifications refreshing. When you are at max fortifications, shield skills will no longer erroneously re-apply the existing T5 effect, and you will not lose the temporary morale. Unfortunately, you can still momentarily lose morale when tiering up fortifications from T1-T5.
  • The Whimsical movement style now has its proper footstep sounds.
  • Legendary Servers - The Inn of the Forsaken Complete the Perfect Fellowship deed will now function properly for legendary worlds at level caps 50 through 65.
  • Monster skills 'Fateful Scream', 'Fear of Shadows', 'Acidic Susceptibility', 'Breached Defences', and 'Wails of Battle' now all properly debuff the player.
  • The daily/weekly quests for the Umbar craft guilds are now functioning as designed. This fix will cause the quests to remove themselves from your quest journal when the update goes live. If you are entering the Umbar craft guild for the first time you will be able to complete the daily quests twice in one day. Thereafter, the quest can be completed only once per day.