Update 39.2 - Wednesday April 17, 2024

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Update 39.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 39.2, released on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.

Instances and Legendary Traceries

Instances can no longer award legendary (gold) traceries unless the instance is set to a level cap, and also require players themselves to be at that level cap, or up to 3 levels below it, in order to receive legendary traceries. This means that instances such as The Doom of Caras Gelebrin will henceforth only award incomparable (teal) traceries when the instance is set to level 141-149, but can award legendary traceries when set to level 150. If the instance in question is set to level 150, players present when the chest is opened must be between the levels of 147 and 150 if they want to receive legendary traceries. This is true for any historical level caps as well: you can run instances at level 130, for example, to earn legendary Morgul traceries, but the players present must be levels 127-130.

General Notes

  • The Streets of Râhal Bakh
    • Khâshap's Chest now has a chance to drop a Legendary tracery on tiers 4-5.
  • Isle of Storms
    • Raghârik's Chest now has a chance to drop a Legendary tracery on tiers 3-5.
  • The Arena Dahâl Huliz
    • Arena Champion's Chest now has a chance to drop a Legendary tracery on tiers 3-4.
  • The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo
    • Well-worn Corsair's Chest now has a chance to drop a Legendary tracery on tier 3-4.
    • Forgotten Smuggler's Chest now has a chance to drop a Legendary tracery on tier 2.
    • Azagath's Sea-shadow and his crew are now more aggressive and responsive to players who enter the arena to face them.
    • Slapping Tentacles will now throw stones at random players if left alive too long (exact time depends on the instance tier).
    • Hâkraph's Static Shock is now much more damaging, and will correctly damage players near the Crackling Conduit.
  • The Arenas of Conflict meta Deed 'Deeds of the Arena of Conflict' will now bestow and complete properly.
  • The Algraig, Men of Enedwaith, have erected a Task Board in Lhanuch where five new level 60 task quests can be found that award reputation with their faction. These tasks are also available from the Neighborhood Task Boards.
  • Monsters with skill power costs were using significantly too much power per skill play. These power costs have been adjusted to a more appropriate scale.


  • Beorning's Umbari Armour of the Razor Claw (red set) once again restores Wrath over time as intended.
  • Fixed issues with Beorning's Bond of Trust, Honey Cleanse, and Desperate Shouts, which were not functioning correctly or consistently due to incorrect skill-type flags on many of their skills.
  • Brawler's Umbari Armour of the Iron Fist's 4-set bonus will no longer proc off of Auto-attacks.
  • Burglar's Sudden Diversion no longer inappropriately resets the cooldown of Touch and Go.
  • Captain's Telling Mark should no longer toggle off when its target is temporarily debuffed by a Mariner's Marked Foes effect.
  • Rune-keeper's Fulgurite and Molten Runestone damage is now correctly classified as Tactical, so it will not bypass Incoming Damage modifiers.
  • Blackarrow's Explosive Arrow once again deals its intended damage.