Update 35.0.1 - Wednesday April 5, 2023

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Update 35.0.1: Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 35.0.1, released on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023.

News and Notes

  • Disarm Effect
  • For a long time we haven't been happy with the way disarm works (by temporarily treating your weapon as un-equipped), which has a lot more performance and statistical implications than is necessary, so we've taken this opportunity to change it to work identically to Silence - your weapon is no longer disabled, but disarm simply blocks the use of certain skills for the duration.
  • We also removed several cases where a skill could be affected by both Silence & Disarm - any given skill should now only be vulnerable to one or the other (or neither).
  • Monster Health & Armor
  • Due to the changes in Mastery, player damage has increased fairly substantially - this was expected, but we wanted to take a little while to get a sense for how much the increase was.
  • Now that we've got a better measure of it, we're adjusting base monster stats to compensate. This change amounts to a +25% adjustment to monster morale at cap level, scaling down to +0% at level 30.
  • Additionally, as of level 116, monsters now recieve a bump to their base armor rating, increasing their mitigation from [37.5% -> 45%]. It remains unchanged below this level.
  • Note that player pets and NPCs should also benefit from these adjustments.
  • Creeps are NOT affected by these adjustments as they use their own formulae.
  • Return to Carn Dûm
  • Various quests at Bail Avarc now provide an option to open the Instance Join panel directly to the related Instance or Raid. NOTE: These quests have been versioned and will be removed from your quest log, so you will need to accept them again at Bail Avarc.
  • Fixed a bug in quest "Into Sant Lhoer, the Poison Gardens" where only one member of a Fellowship was able to advance the quest at certain locations.
  • The quest "Into Sant Lhoer, The Poison Gardens" has been updated so that if a player misses talking with Dolag outside of the greenhouse and kills the boss first the quest can still be completed.
  • Cleansing devices are now usables earlier into Rádarríg's fight in "Sargroth, Lair of Vermin".
  • Sargroth, Lair of Vermin: Players may return to the quest hub in Carn Dûm by leaving through the instance's entrance
  • Adjusted physics in portions of Sagroth.
  • Fixed Z-fighting in Under the Drearspire.
  • Removed portal FX from Bail Avarc.
  • Grounded floating deco in Bail Avarc.
  • Repeatable quests for Sant Lhoer, Thaurisgar, and Sagroth now properly require Level 140 to be accepted.
  • The Heavy and Superior Heavy Iron Mace of Sagroth, Lair of Vermin, with might as a granted stat, should no longer drop from the instance chests for Burglars and Hunters.
  • The Balanced and Superior Balanced War Hammer of Sagroth, Lair of Vermin, with agility as a granted stat, should no longer drop from the instance chests for Champions.
  • Both the "Carn Dûm Drum of Deep Doom" and "Carn Dûm Drum of Aged Secrets", including all rarity levels, have had their Ballad and Coda damage increased to 30%.
  • All Class items from the Return to Carn Dûm instance cluster are now Bind to Account
  • All Class items from the Return to Carn Dûm instance cluster now have max levels of 144
  • "Finely-strung Lute of the Veteran Minstrel" now has a max level of 115
  • Carn Dûm Travel Skills have been moved to their own Return to Carn Dûm barter profile without any prerequisites.
  • Return to Carn Dûm - Balance updates have been made to Sant Lhoer, Thaurisgar, and Sagroth.
  • Monster Play
  • There were a handful of quests that were blocked behind completing the old version of the monster player tutorial. These are now available to monster players who have played the new or old versions of the monster play tutorials.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill to Return to Glán Vraig will now correctly execute and advance the tutorial quest.
  • Updated the responses in the Ettenmoors to extend the bonus granted by controlling the mine to all territories in the Ettenmoors.
  • Missions and Delvings
  • Completing tier 11 or tier 12 Delving quests in Cardolan missions will now advance some tier 11 and tier 12 specific deeds.
  • General Notes
  • The Delver's Vivid Essence Box will correctly display as Item Level 481

Known Issue

In German, some translations for the in-game Carry-all text may still read as "Tasche" instead of "Beutel".