Update 33.0.2 - Wednesday May 4, 2022

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Update 33.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 33.0.2: The Yondershire, released on May 4, 2022.

News and Notes:

Quests, Instances, and Adventure Areas


  • Mournshaws: "Rituals of the Forest" - Oaken limbs no longer spawn beneath the ground.
  • Gloomglens: "Scouring the Wood" - The Shrine to the Uch has been restored to its proper location and several patrol point locations will now update the quest properly.

Den of Pughlak

  • Damage-over-time skills in Den of Pughlak have had their potency reduced.
  • Many damage-over-time effects in Den of Pughlak now have lower caps, especially if they are curable by Potions/Salves/Skills.
  • Monsters should no longer fall out of the world and block the instance during Hallucination sequences.
  • Hallucination sub-bosses have had their stat scaling reduced. This will result in lower Health, Damage, and Defence/Mitigation.
  • Corrected an issue in the Drowned Tavern hallucination involving Pughlak on T3+.
  • Removed exceedingly potent 'Foggy', 'Soaking Wet', and 'Gloom' skills from Thunder-storms.
  • Removed exceedingly potent 'Thrash' skill from Mind-crawlers.
  • 'Aura: Shimmer' has been changed to a Corruption and is now dispellable.
  • 'Fortified Carapace' has been changed to a Corruption and is now dispellable.
  • 'Hypnotic Gaze' should no longer target Highest Threat.
  • 'Sounds of the Deep' (AoE Daze) has been removed.
  • 'Pinched' has been changed to a Wound and is now curable.
  • Kordkoth's movement speed has been increased by 25%.
  • Removed 'Hypnotic Gaze' skill used by Deep-toads.
  • Removed Daze component from 'Minor Tongue Whip' skill used by Deep-toads.
  • Removed 'Lacerations' skill from non-boss Ukhrash.

Assault on Dhurstrok

  • Fixed an issue where one of Gâdh-and-Shum's mechanics was not properly activating in Tier 4 and Tier 5.
  • 'Choking Mildew' now has a cap of 1.
  • 'Shadow Hurl' now deals less damage and cannot deal a Critical Hit.
  • 'Thousand Cuts' now move 25% slower and deal slightly less damage.
  • Shaikmuz's damage has been reduced.


  • The Quest Guide has been updated for "Gamwich Game Hunter" in Yondershire, to make it easier to find sickle-flies.
  • Fixed some missing map notes in Yondershire.
  • "Patrolling the Yondershire Wall" - Detection radius increased so that mounted players are able to advance the quest.
  • Added Yondershire locations to the Stable-masters Collection.
  • Fixed some jagged riverbanks and floating resource nodes.

Adkhât-zahhar, the Houses of Rest

  • The health of bosses in Houses of Rest has been lowered and the non-health stats of bosses in Houses of Rest have been improved.
  • Corrected functionality of several zone-denial damage-over-time hotspots in Houses of Rest.
  • Corrected a few monsters in Solo/Duo to have their proper (lower) stats.
  • The Risen Lords
    • 'Poison Splash' is now used much more frequently and persists for a longer duration.
    • Lowered the potency of many of the damage-over-time effects in this encounter.
    • Lowered the damage of skills that target non-tank players.
    • 'Stinging Poison', 'Biting Wound', and 'Diseased Breath' are now curable.
    • Skills have had their cooldowns adjusted.
  • Loknashra
    • 'Dark Heart' is now used much more frequently and persists for a longer duration.
    • 'Blizzard' now properly scales its damage by Tier, with T3 being the final increase.
    • Skills have had their cooldowns adjusted.
    • Fixed the scaling of the Dwarf-wight monsters involved in this encounter.
  • Vethug
    • 'Shadow Ball' is now used much more frequently, persists for a longer duration, and no longer applies a damage-over-time effect in addition to its zone-denial volume.
    • 'Morgul Cleave' no longer has an induction and has a longer cooldown.
    • Skills have had their cooldowns adjusted.


  • Legendary World of Anor
    • The Ettenmoors are once again properly closed, as PvMP should not be available below the live level cap.
    • The Legendary Item maximum item level has increased to 449. Speak to any Forge Master to increase the item level on your legendary item.
  • Terrain issues in Bree-land Homesteads have been resolved.
  • Terrain issues in Gloomglens have been resolved.
  • Corrected typos in French and German.
  • 'Tome of the Chestnut Corgi' has been corrected to bind on acquire, since it is granted as a gift to every character on an account.
  • Certain Dwarf structures at the Gates of Gundabad and Hadhodiant should not longer assume the appearances of other dwarf structures.
  • Improvements have been made to the algorithm that checks whether opening a lockbox might exceed the cap for a given currency.