Update 30.3.1 - Wednesday October 20, 2021

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Update 30.3.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 30.3.1, released on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.

News and Notes:


  • Brawlers no longer need to exit and re-enter a hotspot in order for their "Plant Feet" buff to begin stacking.


  • Corrected an issue that could allow players to level up their Legendary Item Traceries beyond the cap of 449. Players who leveled up their Traceries above level 449 will have their Traceries set to level 449 and their excess Mithril spend refunded when the affected character with the items logs into the game.
  • Keeper is now an allowed name for Legendary Item renaming.
  • A currency cap warning has been added to Valar packages that give Ancient Script to explain what happens if you redeem the package and acquire enough Ancient Script to take you above the cap.
  • Rune-keepers will now get Traceries from chests.
  • Traceries are all now Bound to Account.
  • The class requirement on some Brawler set gear has been corrected.
  • Old Rune-keeper satchels can no longer be equipped at the same time as new Legendary Items.
  • Some incorrect values for the old Legendary Item Fist Skill Critical Chance imbued legacy have been corrected.
  • Obsolete imbued legacy replacement scrolls will now disenchant into currency that can be used on new legendary items.
  • Obsolete Legacy Replacement Scroll Boxes will now grant currency or items that can be used on new legendary items when opened.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Characters who had completed Volume II, Book 1, Chapter 10 on a Dwarf or Hobbit will now be able to continue the Legendary Item quest chain and pick up "Chapter 11: Forged Anew". Some characters who had Volume II, Book 1, Chapter 10 or 11 underway may still be unable to acquire or reforge their Legendary Items. Players who encounter this issue will need to contact Customer Service in-game for assistance.


  • We've made a server configuration change for Arkenstone and Landroval that aims to address a possible issue with game performance. We'd appreciate any feedback you wish to provide following this change.