Update 30.1.2 - Wednesday July 21, 2021

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Update 30.1.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 30.1.2, released on Wednesday, July 21st.

Of Special Note

The Treasure Bugan Event Arrives This Week!

The Treasure Bugan Event is here! World Renowned treasure seeker Theodore Gorse needs your assistance. All his priceless relics have gone missing! To participate in the Treasure Bugan Event, seek out Theodore Gorse in any Scaling Instances set to your level. You can even bring your friends and kinmates. Theodore will offer you a selection of cosmetic rewards for your help! Make sure to look out for a sneaky Bugan trying to escape with stolen treasures. Help stop many sneaky Bugan to receive even more rewards!

The Treasure Bugan Event begins on Thursday, July 22nd starting at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) and runs through Monday, July 26th. Every time you play a scaling instance around your level there is a chance for a Treasure Bugan to appear. Defeat the Bugan and reclaim its stolen treasure before it flees. The Bugan does not attack you, but instead runs around evading your attacks. Turn in your Coins of the Bugan to Barter Vendor Theodore Gorse at the start of any scaling instance to pick up various rewards. Also, complete "Seeking the Treasure Bugans!" four times to earn Virtue XP, a Virtue Acceleration Tome, an assortment of crafting supplies.

News and Notes:


  • With U30.1.1, several Epic Battles item Set Bonuses were changed so they would no longer function on a character level 106 or higher. This change is now being made to all Epic Battles item Set Bonuses.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Fall of Khazad-dûm
    • Lockdown will now be removed between phases.
      • Tier 5:
        • Morale of Summoned Blazing and Abyssal Regmyl has been reduced.
        • Summoned Blazing Regmyl will no longer apply Suffocating Smoke.
        • The cooldown and initial cooldown of Summoned Blazing Regmyl's Fulmination has been reduced.
        • Summoned Abyssal Regmyl will now only use Chasing Shadow during Phase 1.
  • Floid and Dewitt have been moved to a nearby accessible area in Nanduhirion.