Update 29.0.1 - Thursday March 25, 2021

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Update 29.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 29.0.1, released on Thursday, March 25th, 2021.

News and Notes:

Quests & Adventure Areas:

  • Fixed Tom Bombadil's size in "The Woe of the Willow".
  • The cooldown of Gulmúk Dampmould's skills has been slightly increased.
  • The yellow eye effect from Gulmúk's Corrupted Pool effect has been removed.
  • The quest "Cultivating the Wildwood" no longer requires "Retribution of the Trees" to have been completed.
  • Thornmane now has the ability to grant side quests if his main quest lines have advanced.
  • Fix issues with Thornmane and Minda phasing at the wrong times.
  • Minda Heathertoes will no longer give two quests at once and then vanish, making turn-in impossible.
  • All Wildwood Hoppers are now able to be collected. Happy hunting!
  • The quest "Punishing the Poachers" now has a shorter respawn time.
  • The NPC Laugi will stick around to bestow "Clearing Enemies in Zarkul-sulûn even if "Scouting for the Scout" has been completed.
  • Farewell to TBD BRAWLER, who was entirely too eager to see Trader's Wharf.
  • Non-physical ruins in the Weather Hills now have their proper physics.
  • Fixed a floating edge of the shipwreck in Forochel.
  • Corrected a texture issue in Cirth Ungol.
  • Placed a missing post in the Kingstead Meadows neighborhood.
  • Grounded floating ballistas in South Ithilien.
  • Corrected a rock placement issue in Wildwood.
  • Fixed an issue where a resource node was not displaying corectly in Malenhad.
  • Corrected stuck spots in Erebor and Glimmerdeep.
  • Corrected a terrain issue along the water's edge in Ered Mithrin.
  • Landscape treasure chests in Minas Morgul have had their respawn timers set to be in-line with other landscape chest spawns.
  • Enemies in The Circle of Sorrow are no longer trapped below ground.
  • Fixed a radar issue in Celondim.


  • New UI animations released in Update 29 for active abilities in the quickslot bar have been reverted for now. In the future, we intend to make a toggle available for players to select between the older UI animations and our newer UI animations.