Update 27.2.1 - August 12, 2020

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Previous patch: Update 27.2 - August 4, 2020
Next patch: Update 27.3 - August 19, 2020
Patches(17 C, 2 P)

Update 27.2.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 27.2.1, released on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020.

News and Notes:


  • Players under level 86 should no longer be ported away when entering the Rohan housing neighborhood gate.
  • Property Guards now work properly in Rohan neighborhoods
  • The quest Homesteads of Rohan now updates when visiting the exterior of the Meadhalls in neighborhoods.
  • A Broker's office can now be found in Bree-town near the Town Hall. All Housing Brokers have set up shop there to provide home ownership to people across Middle-earth.
  • Fixed an issue where the housing and neighborhood music were overlapping in the cave at 8 Colt Road and the tower at 3 Peak Way.


  • Myrtle Mint has new cosmetic items available for figments of splendour. These cosmetic items will also randomly drop from Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes and include a Sporting Steed and War-steed appearances, a Decorated Goose pet, a Maypole housing decoration, and Formal Riding attire avatar cosmetics.

Legendary Servers

  • The Helm's Deep Epic Battles are now available on Legendary servers Anor and Ithil for characters level 10 - 95. Upon entering an Epic Battle, characters will be scaled up to level 100, then returned to their normal level when exiting the Epic Battle.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Remmorchant:
    • Fixed several exploits in the Shelob encounter.
    • Shelob's melee attacks should be more responsive and feel a bit peppier, but Her Ladyship's damage output should remain roughly the same as it was prior to this Update.
    • Slightly increased the probability and frequency of Heaving Belly during the encounter.
    • Suppressed usage of several player skills during this encounter in line with other instances/raids.