Update 25.4.4 - April 1, 2020

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Update 25.4.4 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 25.4.4, released on Wednesday, April 1st.

News and Notes:


  • Remmorchant
    • Fire Spider - Boss 1, Tier 3 - The Smouldering Wrath Mechanic now functions properly.
    • Shelob's 'Dwindling Amusement' has been increased to 18 minutes (up from 15 minutes) on Tier 3.
    • Shelob - Changes have been made to logic in Shelob's encounter and the fight and its related effects should perform better.
    • Thossulun the Massive:
      • Reduced potency of Acrid Gas initial damage (on all tiers) and Acrid Gas DoT effect (on Tier 3).
      • Acrid Gas DoT effect (Tier 3) now has a duration of 90 seconds (was permanent).
      • Added a ranged attack to Thossulun on Phase 1: Acrid Spit with a cooldown of 10 seconds. She will only use this if the tank is out of melee range.
      • Increased range on Enraged Attack to match the rest of her attacks (10m).
      • Dying will no longer prevent Infectious Parasites from spawning Parasitic Larvae.
      • Increased Priority, Inital cooldown to 10 (was 5) and cooldown to 25 (was 15) on the Daughters of Thossulun's Infectious Parasites attack.
      • Increased Initial cooldown and cooldown of Parasitic Larva's Spread Infection attack to 8 (was 5).
      • Phase 2 Thossulun's initial cooldown on Acrid Gas reduced to 15 (was 30) on all tiers.
      • Acidic Ichor will no longer cause Volatile Beetles to burst prematurely
    • Rûkhor the Pale Herald:
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the damage component of Volatile Power Tiers 1-4.
  • Some name filter rules for characters, kinships, and legendary items have been adjusted, in most cases expanding the allowed names. Localized (French, German, and English) naming rules have been applied to all servers and clients in all three languages.