Update 25.1 - December 12, 2019

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Update 25.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 25.1, released on Thursday, December 12th.

Of Special Note:

The Yuletide Festival has arrived!

The Yuletide Festival has returned to Middle-earth! Take a trip to the town of Winter-home, where all of your favorite Yule Festival activities and quests are back, and new rewards are now available! Just like winter, the festival will be gone before you know it so don't miss out. The Yuletide Festival begins at 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) on December 12th and runs through January 6th.

News and Notes:


  • Champions now get 1 Block per Vitality.
  • Beornings now get .5 Finesse per Fate.
  • Blue Line Champions now receive a bonus to their base Block score when they specialize.


  • Players can now craft using ingredients stored in their Crafting Carry-alls.
  • Anorien fields now take three seconds to sow instead of seven seconds.
  • Minas Ithil crafted tanking weapons now have more appropriate stats.
  • Westemnet Crafted Beorning Legendary Weapons (Rare and Incomparable rarities) may now be crafted with ingredient packs.
  • Some bows, including the Hero's Bow from the Valar Level Boost Package, should now fit more cleanly on the player when not being wielded.
  • Softly Moonlit (Tier 2) essences are now available to craft by Minas Ithil crafters


  • A new Stablemaster has been placed in the social center of Housing neighborhoods that offers travel between a number of major travel destinations across Middle-earth. Most routes have their usual usage restrictions and discovery requirements, with a few exceptions. Because these stablemasters are highly generic, and because of the instanced nature of neighborhoods, these Stablemasters are not a part of the Stable Master Collection UI.
    • These routes take players outside of the entrance to the neighborhood. There are no usage restrictions on these routes, but there are discovery restrictions:
      • Belfalas (non-Legendary Worlds)
      • Falathorn
      • Thorin's Hall
      • Shire
      • Breeland
    • These routes take players to a number of major travel destinations. Normal discovery and usage restrictions apply:
      • Bree-town South Gate
      • Thorin's Hall
      • Michel Delving
      • Celondim
      • Caras Galadon
      • Rivendell
      • Twenty-first Hall
      • Snowbourn
      • Osgiliath
      • Erebor
      • Felegoth
      • Skarhald
      • Magh Ashtu
      • Estolad Lân
      • Galtrev
      • Ettenmoors
    • These routes allow players to travel to Festival Grounds:
      • Breeland Festival Grounds (no restrictions on travel)
      • The Party Tree (no restrictions)
      • Wistmead (when the Harvestmath Festival is active)
      • Frostbluff (when the Yuletide Festival is active)
  • The Black Book of Mordor housing item pedestal now correctly animates when used.


  • Armour items from the sets "of the Vale", "of the Maw", "of the Vale's Armouries", and "Shadow-bent" are now correctly dyeable.
  • Task item collection progress and turn-ins now work with Task Carry-alls.
  • Carry-all contents can now be sorted by name, quantity, or binding restrictions.
  • Crafting Carry-alls now have a capacity indicator.
  • Carry-alls can now be destroyed when they are empty and not in the bank.
  • Special Winter Gifts will be added to Hobbit Gifts for a limited time starting on December 12th. You can receive festive housing decorations and cosmetic pets, with some available on the Silver Gifts and others available on the Gold Hobbit Gifts. The Gold Winter Gift also offers a chance to receive a new Elk steed.


  • Adjustments have been made to Creepside stats to improve balance and permit further adjustments in the future.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Four new quests have been added to the Minas Morgul Expansion! Claim The Dead City in the Reclamation of Minas Ithil. Four Courts in Minas Morgul have fallen under the control of fearsome foes. Reclaim them all for the White Company and gain a Foothold in Minas Morgul.
  • Minas Morgul - The Circle of Death - Maendal now offers a quest to lead adventurers into the Wracking-hall of Minas Morgul.
  • Scion difficulty has been unlocked for all Minas Morgul 3-person Instances.
  • Tier 2 and higher Instance chests in the Minas Morgul instance cluster are now guaranteed to drop Ithilgalad Crafting Components, in addition to the chance of equippable gear that was already present, when Favored pulls are exhausted.
  • The cap level Yule Festival quest 'Seasonal: Storvâgûn's Riches' now offers new rewards, including Bracers of the Bear for level 75 or level 130 characters.
  • The Deed "Deeds of Imlad Morgul and Mordor Besieged" now awards a mount. If you already completed the deed, the mount will be awarded retroactively.
  • The Rare Chests of Minas Morgul deed no longer completes too early.
  • The Shadow Roost Instance - Khatlob, the Brood Mother, now has a chance to drop two new housing items when the Shadow Roost Instance is run at Tier 2 and higher.
  • Minas Morgul - Harrowing of Morgul - The contagion area of effect will now draw over terrain in the boss room.
  • Filth-well Instance: "Oppressive Shadows" is now a curable corruption-based skill.
  • Minas Morgul: Instance: Harrowing of Morgul - Background Fighting Orcs no longer have physics.
  • Dwarf-holds: Reclaiming the Grey weekly endgame quests have been slightly adjusted.
  • Orodruin - Quest: Durin's Folk: Gathering Gems - All eight gems are now available.
  • Storvâgûn the Traitor (Tier 1) no longer requires completing the Boss from the Vaults: Storvâgûn at the level cap. Instead, as long as your level is within a few levels of the Instance, you will automatically receive this quest once per day in the Tier 1 Instance.


  • The Socket Control panel has been reconfigured to be more compact.
  • Carry-all contents can now be sorted by name, quantity, or binding restrictions.
  • The in-game web browser will now reload on page load finish to help correct an issue where the Help menu would not display for some players.
  • The UI Settings option "Induction Bar Display" will now additionally show a floating target progress bar and induction name for the selected target.

Known Issues

  • Tiers 4 and 5 of Gath Daeroval, The Shadow Roost, along with The Harrowing of Morgul, have been temporarily locked while we correct an issue with them.
  • Additionally, Task Collection Boxes in Homesteads have been temporarily disabled due to a collection issue.
  • Finally, players should be careful not to accidentally sell their Carry-alls. We intend to make these items unable to be sold in the near future.