Update 23.4 - Thursday March 14, 2019

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Update 23.4 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 23.4, released on Thursday, March 14th.

Of Special Note:

The Gates have opened!

Moria has arrived on our Legendary servers Anor and Ithil! The level cap has increased to 60, and the Mines of Moria expansion is now available on the Legendary servers. Additionally, many of the items, armours, and other rewards in Moria have been updated to modern standards, and numerous new Deeds and awards have been added. Items in character inventories that were previously not usable until level 50 are now usable again, and Store items that were previously not visible to Anor and Ithil players until level 50 are now visible in the Store.

News and Notes:


  • A new bundle of items is available to players on both Legendary and non-Legendary servers in the LOTRO Store called the Reclaim Moria Bundle. This one-time offer (1/Account) includes:
    • Account-wide Goat of the Moria Sentinel steed
    • A single account-bound package for one character, with all individual contents account-bound, containing:
      • Sentinel-in-training Pet Goat
      • Gandalf /Emote
      • Moria Welcome Mat for your house
      • Hollin Gate wall engraving for your house
      • Hollin Gate permanent fireworks launcher
      • 50x Yellow Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Red Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Green Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Blue Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Orange Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x White Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Purple Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • This item is available to players on both the Legendary and non-Legendary worlds.
  • The sad Tale of the Pinwheel Fireworks That Lost Its Pinwheel has come to a happy conclusion.
  • Rare Essences are now two item levels lower than incomparable Essences of the same tier.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Instance: Emissary of the Nomads - The fell spirits that spawn in the Instance behave differently now and can be killed.
  • Various small changes have been made to Moria, including landscape adjustments and updated text in some locations.


  • Some specific reserved names have had their restrictions lessened to allow for some additional character surnames.

Know Issues

  • Skirmish Raids - Fancy Wood Chests that require completion of a higher level raid quest will spawn in the Skirmish but cannot be opened.
  • Spring Festival Itemization - Cap of the Mountain Meadow displays unusual movement on the heads of Elven males, High Elf males, and dwarves.