Update 23.2.1 - Wednesday January 16, 2019

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Update 23.2.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 23.2.1, released on Wednesday, January 16th.

News and Notes:


  • The Imbued Legendary Item tier cap has been increased. There are now five additional levels for Legacies, three of which can be unlocked, and two of which are granted for free.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Anvil of Winterstith:
    • Sleds will now appear in the Thirteen Kings room and in Karazgar's room to allow players to quickly travel outside the Anvil should they become separated from their Fellowship, and the Fellowship completes the Hrímil encounter.
    • The Tier 2 Progress Quest now correctly states that it resets on Thursdays.
    • Isvítha (Tier 1) should now only summon Frost and Ice Drakes.
    • Isvítha (Tier 2) should now either summon Drakes or Whelplings (not both at the same time).
    • Feeding Frenzy will now also increase the Drakes' and Whelplings' Tactical Damage and Movement Speed.
    • The Avalanche that blocks the player from entering into the Thirteen Kings room during the Hrímil encounter should now reset properly.
    • Bound Frost Grim's channel ability will now decrease all damage taken by the other Grim by 75%.
    • Shelter Walls during the second phase of the Hrímil encounter will now appear sooner, and the Shelter effect should re-activate properly.
  • Roots used by various creatures will no longer indefinitely persist until the player logs out. The roots now fade when the related skill or effect duration is ended.


  • The German client map for Rhovanion has been properly resized.