Update 23.1.5 - Thursday November 15, 2018

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Update 23.1.5 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 23.1.5, released on Thursday, November 15th.

News and Notes:


  • Enemy damage scaling has been adjusted, including damage over time scaling. Monster damage has been increased at level 1 to 40 and decreased from levels 60-100.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The damage effect applied by Watching-stones in Angmar was tuned too high, and has been reduced to again allow passage past the stones once Volume I Book 6 Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone has been completed.
  • The Bingo Boffin quests are now active! These quests will increment weekly, but stop after 24 weeks for now.
  • Missing terrain issues in the North Downs have been fixed.
  • Stuck spots have been fixed in Lhingris and Annúminas.
  • Covell Woodwright in the Blackwold Headquarters now respawns more quickly.
  • A missing terrain texture issue in the North Downs has been fixed.
  • Fight for the Grey, the Where Dragons Dwell weekly instance wrapper, will no longer sometimes get reset between logout and login.
  • Players on the Legendary servers can now access Grimbeorn's Lodge to complete their level 50 class quests.
  • High Elf - Quest: Into Darkness Falls a Star - A significant NPC should no longer fail to appear at the end of the Battle of Dagorlad.


  • The launcher will now dynamically update your position in line if you are in a login queue.
  • The Legendary servers will now check your VIP status upon initial login.