Update 22.3 Hotfix - Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

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Downtime Notice: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) Tuesday, July 3rd

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Tuesday, July 3rd from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) for a hotfix. The hotfix will include the following:

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent female high elf characters with Legendary Item rune-satchels from logging in on a Mac client.
  • XInput detection has been re-enabled and optimized, and XInput has also been added to the settings. To play with an XInput device (including, but not limited to Xbox 360 controllers), enabled XInput Detection in Options > Input.
  • An issue has been fixed with aspect ratio auto-calculation. Changing screen mode should now properly re-apply the correct aspect ratio.