Update 22.1 - Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

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Update 22.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.1, released on Tuesday, April 10th.

Of Special Note:

Celebrating 11 Years of Lord of the Rings Online!

The 11th Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online brings an additional tier to the Anniversary Event, which begins at the Party Tree in The Shire. Players will receive three additional Treasure Hunt cards focusing on the history of the game and core themes from Lord of the Rings when the event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, April 19th. Additionally, all player progress earned during LOTRO's 10th Anniversary remains in place, so players can continue their celebration. All previous years' quests are available immediately, but players will need to complete a prior quest before getting the next one.

Anniversary Gift!

We're celebrating Elevenses, and now you can too! Characters who log in during the anniversary who have been with us for eleven years will automatically receive an 11-year Giftbox and a Title on their characters, including a new emote! This gift box delivery begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, April 19th and runs through March 31st of 2019.

News and Notes:


  • The Lonely Mountain Fiddle, Sprightly Fiddle, and Traveller's Trusty Fiddle have had their ranges extended downwards to cover the lowest notes.
  • A new Basic Fiddle can be acquired from Bards which has the same note qualities as the Student Fiddle, but has actual notes in the lowest range instead of sound effects.
  • A new fiddle is now available as a reward in the Anniversary Event! The Bardic Fiddle has a long sound with strong attacks, compared to the softer onset of the Student/Basic Fiddles.
  • The shard cost now appears correctly when using the Relic Forging tab on a Relic-master.
  • Gorgoroth Lootboxes now offer two higher tiers of Essences at an increased rarity. The previous lowest tier of Essences has been removed.
  • Cosmetic items will now drop from the same lists as crafting components in Gorgoroth Lootboxes, and will no longer compete with gear or Essences.
  • Gorgoroth Lootboxes have some other new items added to them, including the Elk of Felegoth's Glory and several other items that were not available on the Keeper of Mysteries.
  • Battlecats and Sabertooths level 107 to 116 will now properly drop Doomfold Hides.
  • Instruments are now visible when using the Coda of Melody.
  • Slayer's Raiment Helm and Boots now correctly display applied dyes.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Instance intro text for all Trail of Rust quest instances should now correctly appear.
  • The new Fishing Deed now works properly, and requires players to visit Lake-town to complete.
  • The Weeping Warrior no longer poses improperly in Northern Mirkwood - Karazgar.
  • A camera-blocking glitch at a spot in the refugee camps east of Dale has been removed.
  • It should be easier to find indecisive shoppers in A Patron of Commerce in Dale.


  • The Forge-master's Identify All button has been replaced with a drop-down selection for specifying an Identify action type. When Selected is active, only the currently-selected item will be identified when pressing the Identify button. When All is selected, all items will be identified, providing the placer has sufficient funds. The Get Items button has been replaced with a LOTRO Store coin icon, with descriptive tooltips.
  • The Relic-master "Relic Forging" button has been replaced with a drop-down menu for selecting the combination type. The cost field always reflects the cost for the maximum number of combinations that can occur when the Combine button is pressed. When Selected is active, you must manually select the required amount of relics for a successful combination. All other Auto Combine selections will attempt combinations up to the maximum amount selected as long as you have the currency and relics to support the request.
  • The Relic-master "Deconstruct All" button has been replaced with a drop-down menu for selecting the deconstruction type. When Selected is active, the cost field reflects the currently selected item and pressing Deconstruct will destroy only that item. When All is active, the cost field reflects all eligible items and pressing Deconstruct will destroy all of them.
  • The Relic-master "Refine Stack" button has been replaced with a drop-down menu for selecting the refinement type. Various numeric quantities can be selected, or Stack can be selected to refine the entire stack. The cost field will update to match the amount of shards you will receive when the Refine button is pressed.
  • There are now proper map notes with a POI indicating the location of the Easterling refugee camps across the river from Dale.


  • Further work has been done to fine-tune the chat filter.
  • Fixed several typos in Update 22 NPC and other text.