Update 22.0.1 - March 14, 2018

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Update 22.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.0.1, released on Tuesday, March 14th, 2018.

News and Notes:


  • Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes no longer give extra Creepside items to all characters.
  • Male elves will now visually perform with a fiddle in the /music system.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Refugee corpses in An Incident in the Camps are now only visible inside of the instance.
  • Fixed an issue with Hobbit models in High and Low.
  • Armoured Shadows in Caras Tilion now have Open Tapping enabled.
  • Corrected an NPC phasing issue in Forging Trust.
  • The quest The Stones of Erebor can now be completed.
  • The quest Discontented Dale-folk can now be completed.
  • Corrupted Roots can now be properly targeted in Cleaning the Mirkwood.
  • Fixed a string table error in Forged in Flames.
  • Fixed a string table errors for Beorning-specific text in The Forest Gate, Saving Sterkist, and Something Wicked.
  • Fixed a wood elf NPC in Felegoth whose clothes were being displayed, but not the body.
  • The quest Raised Notices now has posting locations.
  • While the quest Introduction: Northern Mirkwood is underway, you can now use the rope into Caras Galadhon.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to instantly be defeated in Eryn Lasgalen.
  • The Northern Mirkwood map is now centered properly in relation to the character marker.
  • Gorsim in the Hall Under the Mountain will now function properly as a Vault-Keeper.
  • The quests Gloomthorn, Scourge of the Dala-lands, and Urdâr, Scourge of the Dale-lands now properly reset twice per week (on Sunday and Thursday mornings server time.)
  • There are now proper mapnotes with a POI indicating the location of the Easterling refugee camps, across the river from Dale.
  • Strongholds of the North - Deeds - Ruins of the North - This deed has been versioned to properly display all ten locations you must visit, instead of only displaying nine * of the ten. If you have not finished this deed, it may be removed from your deed log and you may need to return to the required locations.
  • Strongholds of the North - Reputation - Titles earned via Reputation now have proper descriptions.
  • Strongholds of the North - Erebor - Mistrustful Dwarves no longer phase and are all closer together.
  • Strongholds of the North - Restoring the Three Kingdoms - Corrected various phasing issues blocking completion of quests.
  • Trail of Rust: Instance intro text for all Trail of Rust quest instances should now correctly appear.


  • Reputation titles now have their proper description.
  • Featured Instance no longer displays as "Animates Mounted" if selected.
  • Some improvements have been made to the chat filter's censored words file.
  • The Lecture emote is no longer barred by the SoS emote.
  • Fixed filter icon sizes on the Pending Loot window.


  • Fixed an issue where Mithril Coins were not increasing some Imbued Legacy Items.
  • Warsteed legs now move correctly while running and turning.
  • Restored a Russian enum value so various Lua plugins no longer display Russian instead of English.

Known Issues

  • Items - The Lasgalen Purification Token is currently Bind on Acquire; this item should be Bound to Account
  • Equipment with a required virtue rank cannot be equipped, even if you have the required virtue rank.
  • Cosmetic Armour - Slayer's Raiment Helm and Boots accept dye but do not change color. (still broken from U22 launch, maybe already posted?)