Update 21.3 - December 11, 2017

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Update 21.3 - Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.3, released on Monday, December 11th, 2017.

Of Special Note

Abyss of Mordath Raid

UPDATE NOTE 12/10/17: As we took a look at the Abyss of Mordath over the weekend on Bullroarer and read your feedback, we uncovered a couple of issues that we do not want present when the raid opens to the public. We have decided to temporarily make the Abyss of Mordath raid inaccessible when Update 21.3 goes live on Monday, to give us time to correct these issues. This also allows players to compete for the Original Challenge title when the raid is first opened to the public. We will have more information about the raid’s opening soon. Additionally, the new raid Barter Vendors will not provide their services until the new raid opens to the public.

In the thrilling conclusion to the story introduced in Dor Amarth, descend into the Black Pits of Mordor in pursuit of King Váskmun Greytooth and the Firehorn Dwarves. The time has come to put an end to King Greytooth's misguided quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf-ring Manthríf and avenge the threats he levied against the Dwarves of Durin's Folk. The followers of the Order of the Eye are also searching the Abyss, and neither group knows the true terrors that lurk in the deepest shadows there. Find the entrance to the Abyss of Mordath in the Chamber of the Watchers in the lower levels of Barad-dur.


  • The Lore-master Class items Book of Beasts at level 20, 30, and 40 now give minor bonuses to pet stats.
  • The Lore-master Skill Inner Flame has had its duration halved from ten seconds to five seconds. Inner Flame's Fire Damage buff now increases at an accelerated pace to compensate. Inner Flame's healing benefit has been increased.
  • Players who have logged out in the Vales of Anduin may be sent to Archet upon logging in because the location of the Beorning starter area has been moved. Other than this teleport, there is no difference in the Vales of Anduin.
  • Camp site fires in Taur Druadan, Lossarnach, and The Wastes now allow Burglars to Contact Pedlar.
  • The Power cost has been lowered for the Captain skills Motivating Speech and Improved Motivating Speech.
  • The aggro radius for Lore-master pets and Captain soldiers has been halved to address an issue where they were collecting mobs from a greater area of landscapes than intended.
  • The Beorning Skill - Expose - is now usable in bear form, but only increases mitigation reduction by 15% instead of the 40% benefit in man form.


  • Universal Ingredient Packs can now be used on select Westemnet Guild Recipes.
  • Westemnet and Doomfold Captain Armaments now provide significantly more armour to heralds.
  • Jeweller recipes that did not previously allow you to inscribe critical outputs now allow it.
  • North Ithilien Essences are now Bound to Account.
  • Missing farming ingredients have been added to some Crafting Suppliers.
  • Tier 10 Captain Armaments can now be bartered for exchange receipts.


  • Chests in the Abyss of Mordath, Court of Seregost, and Dungeons of Naerband can now drop Fellowship-tradeable items. These items can be freely traded amongst Fellowship and Raid Group members that were present in the instance when the chest was created, until the Fellowship Tradeable timer expires. These items cannot be mailed or auctioned.
  • Ash of Gorgoroth now has a currency cap of 10,000, and now automatically goes into the Barter Wallet. Players who currently have more Ash than the cap will be unable to Disenchant items until they lower their Ash of Gorgoroth below the cap.
  • Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes now carry new housing items, including Statues of Sauron, Watcher Statues, and a way to play "The Floor is Lava".
  • The Gorgoroth Daily Expedition quests now award 2 Slivers of Black Steel each so players can earn Black Steel Keys equally from any Daily expedition.
  • The Quartermaster Conquest of Gorgoroth Rewards now carry a slate of new housing items, including statues, stained glass, and decorative flower garlands.
  • Gorgoroth leg armour pieces now have their correct light or medium armour values for their weight.
  • Item levels in pending loot now reflect the actual level of the item when it is obtained.
  • Took in the Hole Hobnanigans recipes now properly provide +5% incoming healing.
  • Some texture adjustments have been made to the Autumn Leafmail Dress.
  • The icon for Mordor's Bane and Expedition's Vanguard leg armour has been corrected.
  • Sightseer's Trousers no longer change color based on the dye applied to your chest piece.
  • Kites now settle at a lower height when you are indoors.
  • Some gloves and helmets available at the Skirmish camps, as well as cosmetic Rune-keeper satchels, are no longer invisible on High-elf characters.
  • The Featured Instance cap level rewards boxes will now drop either an Enchanted Gorgoroth Adamant or 2 Slivers of Black Steel.


  • Kinship leaders are no longer required to abandon a premium Kinship House to receive Housing Writs prior to disbanding a Kinship.


  • The Steed of Agarnaith stats have been increased to 68% movement speed and 250 Morale.
  • The Mount Collections that previously granted titles have been replaced with Deeds. To advance a Mount Collection Deed, use the associated Mount skill from the Mount Collections panel or from the Skill panel. New Mount Collection Deeds and Titles have been added for the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Festival steeds, Goat mounts, and Gondor mounts.
  • The Steed of Elessar's Host, Sunflower Steed, Rescued Steed of Agarnaith, Goat of the Harvest Sky, and Steed of Eldar Autumn have been added to the Mounts Collection display.
  • The Lossoth Steed and Steed of the Dusk-watch now have their correct source information in the Mounts Collection panel.
  • Minor performance improvements have been made to the loading of the Mounts Collection page.
  • The stable travel route to the First Hall now drops you off in the correct spot.
  • The Skeleton Steed Rider Bundle can now be used even if you already have the Riding trait.
  • Fixed a naming inconsistency with the Steed of the Moon Moth.


  • Cooks have a few new Doomfold recipes automatically granted to them.


  • Many Monster Player stats and attributes have been adjusted.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Dungeons of Naerband:
    • A new chest has been added for players who make it out of the Dungeons of Flame.
    • Thraknûl's Chains of Malice attack includes an induction and different effect icon.
    • Damage done by the anti-healing debuffs has been reduced.
    • Fewer non-boss mobs will spawn between the first and second boss fights. Additionally, area of effect damage from Thraknûl and the Flame-spirits has been reduced.
    • Thraknûl is now more resistant to unintentionally resetting when being kited.
    • Additional voice over and dialog text has been added to the major Boss attacks, and dialog text has been added to Orc and Uruk mobs for some of their attacks.
    • The door to Thraknûl's area now resets more reliably when the fight resets.
  • The Court of Seregost:
    • The first door can now be opened in combat to prevent players from getting stuck inside. The door remains locked during the boss fight.
    • The Black Númenórean-slayer Deed now indicates how many need to be defeated.
    • Lhaereth the Stained resets now have broadcasts to make them less confusing.
    • Lhaereth will now always reset when both rangers are killed.
  • All bosses in the Tier 2 Dungeons of Naerband and Court of Seregost instances now have an increased chance of dropping Incomparable gear.
  • Naerband and Seregost instance chests now have a one-day lock on them to allow for a very large increase in drop rates.
  • Yuletide Festival:
    • Mara Sandydowns has a new quest, A Fortune of Festive Spirit, for those who enjoy many days of Yule Festival activities. To prevent issues blocking quest completion, this new quest and the Festival Flurry quests can no longer be canceled.
    • All of "The More the Merrier" barter profiles will only require Tier 1 Deed completion. No barter items require the Tier 2 or 3 Deeds to be completed.
  • The respawn timers on the Haunted Burrow Poorly-Hidden Chest, Out-of-Place Stongbox, Out-of-Place Lockbox, and Out-of-Place Chest have been halved. To fix an issue that could prevent their use, these chests now disappear and respawn after each opening.
  • Level 106 to 115 landscape mobs will no longer have a chance to drop Incomparable equipment that can be Disenchanted into Ash of Gorgoroth. mobs in the resource instances will continue to drop incomparable equipment.
  • A variety of landscape bugs have been fixed, including rock textures in Lhingris, a stuck spot in the Ruins of Barad-dur, a floating pillar in Udun, an area in Dum Boha that was tagged as part of Mordor rather than The Wastes, a bridge that characters could fall through in Dum Boha, floating resource nodes in several areas, and an unintentional underwater slag pile hidey hole.
  • The High Sorcerer of Harad in the High-elf starting area has been given an appropriate weapon.
  • The quest Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Agarnaith now rewards its correct reputation.
  • The instance A Trap for the Creature no longer breaks when using the flat stone too soon.
  • The Weeping Reeds in Agarnaith for the quest Flora Investigation are now visible above ground.
  • Coldan and Hithgol in Dor Amarth have been cosmetically adjusted to better suit their role and surroundings.
  • The Lossarnach quest The Smoke Lures no longer requires Orcs to be defeated.
  • Parts of Agarnaith will no longer be overrun with unlimited Cave Claws.
  • The Daily Request: An Errand for Frodo has been restructured. The random spawns of Imprisoned Nurnhoth in Naerband have been replaced with static spawns.
  • Additional quest guide information has been added to the Mordor quests The Caretaker and Treasures Forgotten.
  • Viznak and the Ranger in the quest Stolen Supplies no longer occasionally disappear before you can interact with them.
  • Inn League members can once again obtain the Inn League Notable and Senior Inn league Member deeds and titles.
  • The Featured Instance rotation has been updated. "The Dome of Stars" replaces "Lost Temple", "Great Barrow - The Maze" replaces "Sammath Gul", "Fornost
  • Wraith of Fire" replaces "Dungeons of Dol Guldur", "Sunken Labyrinth" replaces "Halls of Night", "The Ruined City" replaces "StoneHeight", and "The Battle for Erebor" replaces "Barad Guldur".
  • A Reflecting Pool for The Wastes has been added to Haerondir.
  • A Reflecting Pool for Gorgoroth has been added near the Ruins of Dingarth.


  • Players can still interact, advance, and turn in a quest that is filtered but underway.
  • Players will no longer see a Free Hobbit Present button immediately following the redemption of a free present.
  • Collections panel model views are now slightly larger.
  • The quest bestowal UI in German now correctly fits the indicators for solo, small fellowship, fellowship, and raid quests.


  • Human female mood animations have been updated.
  • The cat wander sequence now plays more smoothly.
  • The background image for the credits has been updated, and the credits music has been updated.
  • Mounted combat two-handed combat animations have been adjusted to reduce clipping through the character avatar.

Known Issues

  • The Abyss of Mordath server first challenger deeds are not yet active, and cannot yet be earned. This deed will be able to be earned in a future update, based on first completion after the deed is available.
  • Mount Collection deeds do not bestow when a dwarf or hobbit uses an appropriate mount.
  • Monster Play - Free Player NPCs (Keep Guards) are level 116, which makes them too powerful.
  • Monster Play - Monster Players are unable to acquire Black Steel Keys, as the Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox does not yet contain anything appropriate for Monster Players.