Update 21.3.2 - December 19, 2017

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Update 21.3.2 - Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.3.2, released on Tuesday, December 19th.
News and Notes:

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Abyss of Mordath - Defeated players will now properly earn the Original Challenger/Challenger titles after completing the final challenge in the Abyss of Mordath.
  • Abyss of Mordath - A Light in the Darkness should no longer fail shortly after the Bitter Warden gains his first Corruptions without apparent reason.
  • Chest locks applied between midnight and 3am will now have the correct reset time applied.
  • You will no longer see a string table error from the /raid locks command in older instances.
  • Fixed a problem where chests in Lost Temple, Sari-surma, The Northcotton Farm, Halls of Night, Inn of the Forsaken, the Erebor raids and Ost Dunhoth were failing to award loot when opened.


  • Cursed gear no longer returns an erroneous "You do not have enough room to do that" message when you attempt to disenchant it with the Flame of Ancalamír.
  • Equipment drops in The Court of Seregost and Naerband will now be bound to account instead of bound to character (after the Fellowship-tradeable time expires).
  • You can now trade-in Empowered Shadow Essences of Morale for Malleable Shadow Essences.
  • Tier 10 Captain Armaments can now be bartered for exchange receipts with all captain trainers (and not just Thenimbor in Esteldin). Additionally, Mordathest in Twenty-first Hall, :* Lovellos in Ost Galadh, and Thallanc in Telain Galadhrim will now only trade for tier 4 and higher armaments.
  • The Steed of the Ithilien Winter in the Frostbluff corral was using an incorrect not yet available appearance. This has been corrected and the Steed of Ithilien Winter in Frostbluff will once again match the mount skill.

Maintenance Announcement along with the release

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Tuesday, December 19th from 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) for an update to the game. Click here to read about the changes. Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon! This is an extended maintenance due to the need to do some extensive behind-the-scenes server maintenance, and we apologize for the inconvenience.