Update 21.2.1 - October 13, 2017

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Update 21.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.2.1, released on Monday, October 13th.

News and Notes:


  • Housing decoration crafting stations can be used by crafters of any proficiency to make items of any tier within their respective professions.


  • The Harvestmath Festival Quest "A Spirited Harvest" will no longer be removed from your quest log, and reset during each login, if you have it underway.
  • The Harvestmath Festival cosmetic pet Tome of the Gourd-lurker no longer promises you a journey which it cannot deliver. It now accurately tells you it will grant you a Gourd-lurker cosmetic pet.
  • Harvestmath Festival vendors in Thorin's Hall, Duillond, and at the Party Tree have been given new stock by Alf Mossman, and now carry gift box versions of the Autumn Leafmail Fall Festival cosmetics.


  • Ash of Gorgoroth is now Account-bound. For this change to take effect, you must log in every character on your account that has Ashes of Gorgoroth in their inventory or Barter Wallet.
  • The item level 326 Legendary quality rings previously available from the High-enchanter (Iswa, Linta, or Turca) can now be exchanged, along with 800 Ashes of Gorgoroth, for the new item level 330 version of the ring. Note that this exchange only affects rings acquired from the High-enchanter and not any other rings of the same name.
  • Incomparable gear purchased from the High-enchanter at unintentionally low Ash of Gorgoroth prices have been reduced slightly in power to approximately match the item level 330 rare gear available for barter. All Essences slotted into that gear remain intact.
    • This gear can be distinguished because it now carries the named "Cursed" as a prefix.
    • Players can continue to use their Cursed gear without ill effect. When you choose to disenchant Cursed gear, you will receive its original purchase price in Ash of Gorgoroth and a number of Empowered Shadow Essence Boxes equal to the number of Essence slots on the Cursed piece. These will come packaged in a High-enchanter's Item Exchange Box.
  • The High-enchanter's prices for item level 330 Incomparable jewellery and armour have been adjusted. Incomparable pieces barter for three times the cost of the rare equivalent.
  • Equipment that was incorrectly using the values for rare heavy armour is now using the correct light, medium, or heavy armour values of the appropriate quality.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Dol Amroth quest "Death from Above" should now be completable even after reaching level 110 or higher.


  • Monster Players and Session Players can now access the new Filter UI (Alt+R).
  • German clients can now see the Small Fellowship text on the Quest Bestow panel.
  • Quest Log filter buttons cannot be pressed until a Quest has been selected.
  • Quest Log filter buttons should draw at the bottom left when using custom UI skins.
  • Players can now cancel and filter the quest "Hobnanigans is Here!".