Update 19.2.2 - January 6, 2017

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Update 19.2.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 19.2.2, released on Friday, January 6th, 2016

News and Notes:


  • March of the King - Osgiliath slayer deeds should now properly count more types of monsters. If these deeds are underway, but not yet completed, they will be reset.


  • Yule Festival Gift Packages - There are now gift-box versions of the Cloak of the Winter's Light, Hooded Cloak of Winter's Light, and Robe of Winter's Light. The gift boxes may be given to other players, but their contents will Bind of Acquire when the gift-box is opened.


  • North Ithilien Flora - north Ithilien Daily quests now offer a Forager's Basket each.
  • North Ithilien Flora - Assisting the Herbalists - North Ithilien now offers a pouch of Ithilien Essence Fragments.
  • Ithilien-infused Essences - Players can now trade in "Incomparable Ithilien-infused Essences" for a "Wisp of a Legendary Ithilien Essence". Three of these wisps can be bartered for a "Legendary Ithilien-infused Essence Box" which allows your choice of a Legendary Quality Ithilien-tempered Essence. This allows players to trade three Incomparables for one Legendary.
  • Players can no longer barter gear containing slotted essences, preventing accidental losses.


  • Monster Play Critical Rating Corruptions now give +15% Crit Damage each.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Dark Lord's Blight quest is no longer incorrectly labeled as a repeatable quest.
  • A new Scholar's Hall is now available for public use. The entrance to the Scholar's Hall can be found atop the Scholar’s Stair in Bree.

Known Issues:

  • When a kinship premium house is sold or abandoned, premium housing writs are not being delivered to the kinship leader.