Update 18 Hotfix - April 15, 2016

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Update 18 Hotfix Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 18 Hotfix.

  • Blood of the Black Serpent and Quays of the Harlond challenge chests now drop the correct pieces of armour.
  • The Dome of Stars - The door to the Hall of the Osgiliath-stone should no longer close very quickly after defeating the Door-wardens
  • Blood of the Black Serpent – Players should now be able to return to the final arena if the group wipes on the adds after defeating the Princes of Harad
  • Osgiliath instance cluster bounty quests now function at level 105 instead of 100.
  • The Silent Street - Fixed an issue where Lintanar would not reset properly if engaged at range beyond the (closing) gate.
  • Beacon Hills quests: Perilous Parley, Recounting of Sons, Hobbling Homeward and Horse in the Forest now spawn enemies correctly even for many characters.