Update 17.2 - January 19, 2016

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Update 17.2 Release Notes

Emote collection UI

  • You can now see all emotes available to the free people of Middle-earth in the Collections Panel. In the new emote tab you can preview emotes, learn how to earn them, and perform emotes directly from this panel.
  • You can also drag emotes from this panel to your skill quickslots.

New Quests have been added in Minas Tirith

  • A new public endgame space in the Cisterns is available.
  • New quests can be found near the Stone Theatre (in the northern 1st Tier), inside the Houses of Lore, inside the Houses of Healing, at the Citadel, at the Training Ground, and near the Baths of Belecthor (in the 4th Tier).
  • Stable travel options have been added in Minas Tirith.
  • If you have already completed all of his adventures, George at Sandson's Farm might just have a new one waiting in the wings.

Instances and Currency

  • The barter costs for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment have been decreased.
  • Sambrog is now a more challenging instance and the Mark and Medallion rewards for Sambrog have been increased.

Dol Amroth Endgame Tokens

  • Dol Amroth currency reward boxes (Armoury Box, Great Hall Box, etc.) no longer grant tokens of other faction. Instead, they will only contain Silver *Tokens of Dol Amroth and the token appropriate for that faction. For example, Great Hall boxes will only contain Silver Tokens and Great Hall Tokens.
  • You may now exchange different Dol Amroth currencies for one another at a 2:1 ratio. The Pets barter vendor in the Court of the Fount is now the Pets and Currency Exchange vendor. He will trade 10 Dol Amroth tokens of any kind (except Gold) in exchange for a box that will let you select 5 Dol Amroth tokens of another type.


  • Large and special furniture hooks now accept thin furniture.
  • All tree housing decorations now slot into small exterior hooks with the exception of Shire Oak Tree.
  • Gondorian candelabra lights when used.
  • Birch Trees now correctly use fall colors.


  • All MELEE mounted combat skills now do more damage (including melee auto-attack). Melee damage should be approximately doubled.


  • Sign of Power: Command and Sign of Power: See All Ends now correctly apply Force of Will and Enfeeble simultaneously.
  • Giant Eagle pets with the Sacrifice skill active should again properly revive their defeated masters.


  • Soliloquy of Spirit no longer has idle time preventing other skills after executing.


  • Hail of Arrows trait should correctly reset the Rain of Arrows cooldown when Rain of Arrows crits when the Rain of Arrows skill is used immediately following the Focus skill at the start of combat


  • Devastating, Brutal, and Ferocious Strikes have shorter action durations. These skills should feel less 'clunky'.


  • Brink of Victory and Surety of Death can no longer be blocked, parried, or evaded, but can be resisted.


  • Targets marked by "Coup De Grâce" should properly cause you to enter stealth on defeat.
  • Burglars now have a ranged mounted combat damage skill - The Red Dawn version of All in the Wrist is now a ranged skill

Other Changes

  • You can now give your pets names with "-" in them.
  • The Flirt emote now plays flirt sound for all races.
  • The tooltip for crafted coffee items has been corrected to accurately reflect what has always been true - that the speed buff is out-of-combat run speed only.
  • A black dye recipe has been added to the Scholar's Guild recipe vendor.
  • The Westemnet crafting journal recipes available at the Minas Tirith Quartermaster and the Helmingas Quartermaster no longer require Helmingas reputation.
  • Reputation gain has been added to Norcroft and Entwash Vale repeatable quests!
  • Reputation has been added to Eastern Rohan Warbands!
  • Removed the Mithril Travel option from III.2.6, since using it could remove you from the dungeon incorrectly.
  • Billboards in 'Instance: A Restful Night' now echo properly to the chat log.
  • The physics on the prisoners in the I.12.6 instance was making them appear outside their cells.
  • Quest titles in Volume II Book 4 now properly contain their chapter prefixes.
  • Langhar's animation was breaking during 'Instance: Hatred of Bear and Man,' but now it has been fixed.


The Founder title will be properly granted to Kin Founders who have transferred shards along with their Kinships. If the Kin leader at time of transfer was not the Founder, but received the Founder title, they will lose it.