Update 17.0 Hotfix - October 30, 2015

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Update 17.0 Hotfix - – Official Release Notes

Hotfix Release Notes

  • We have made some updates to Minas Tirith to help improve performance.
  • In A Stroll with Bergil, Oryat and friends in the Second Circle are now reset after each bout, so the next adventurer can step up and take a swing at them.
  • Lady Raenemel and several other quest-related NPCs in Minas Tirith now have correct greeting voiceover audio
  • A confusing, extra quest icon has been removed from the objective where you go to Lady Raenemel's house
  • Creatures from level 99 and up now drop Tier 10 gems and scholar crafting materials.
  • Some crafting materials didn't have their stack size properly updated to 500. This has been fixed.
  • Quest NPCs in Minas Tirith will no longer vacate their posts (or fall from them).
  • U17 rare quest gear now appropriately accepts essences.
  • Kinship and Fellowship chat commands in German and French have been restored.
  • Horse travel from Shadowed Refuge to Second Hall now completes.
  • Hooks and Captains endgame quest can be completed.
  • Pelennor can be entered via the road from Osgiliath.
  • Many clubs that were white have regained their color and texture.