Update 16.1 - June 8, 2015

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Previous patch: Update 16, Hotfix - May 8, 2015 - No official release notes available.
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Patches(17 C, 2 P)

Update 16.1 - Official Release Notes


  • We have added the ability to use multiple rep items at once: Alt-right-click on a stack of rep items to get a dialog which allows you to choose how many items you want to use. You can remap the mouse button/modifier for this action through the options/key mapping panel.
  • We have made it so that the base right-click/doubleclick to use an item functionality never kicks in when you hold one of the modifier keys (alt, ctrl, shift, win).
  • Reputation acceleration tomes can now be multi-used via alt-right-click.
  • The third-person camera now follows your character more loosely while using a travel route, making camera movement feel a little smoother.
  • The radar map will now animate more smoothly while moving. To restore the previous behavior, which may yield a marginal performance improvement, uncheck "Radar Animation Smoothing" in Options -> UI Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Radar Animation Smoothing.
  • Many commands listed in /help are now grouped by category, such as Emotes and Communication.
  • The Main Stat tooltips in the Character Journal are prettier.
  • One-shotters in the Moors should no longer attack their Creep allies.
  • Spring Festival: Shrew pets can now be obtained from the festival barter vendor.
  • The wooden lever no longer has silly mouse-over text.

Regions and Quests

  • Shire - Instance: A Gift for the North - Fixed issue where killing the troll early broke the instance
  • Rohan - Sutcrofts - Quest: Borrowing Barricades - Changed how players loot the barricades for scrap.
  • Great River - Eorlsmead - Deed: Stangard Exploration - Players can now enter the Abandoned House once they reach Ally with the Riders of Stangard.
  • Bree fairground stage for Roleplayers - Travel has been added from the Western Bree Stables and the Prancing Pony Stables to the Bree Festival Grounds. A large stage has been added to the festival grounds for player performances throughout the year!
  • Dol Amroth - Training Exercise: When accepting quests from an NPC during the Training Exercise instance, that NPC will now bestow all six quests instead of two quests at random.
  • Quests - Eastern Gondor - Lost, but Not Forgotten - Mablung's rangers will no longer stealthily disappear when you finish their quests. They'll now wait until you aren't looking to sneak away back to the culverts.
  • Mablung now has a Healer among his men in the culverts of Osgiliath who is ready to sell you potions and repair your equipment.
  • Osgiliath - Hunters can now make use of a camp site fire in the Osgiliath Culverts.
  • Eastern Gondor - Upper Lebennin - Sworn to Secrecy - Corrected a typo in Angbor's story.
  • Central Gondor - It is now easier to obtain reputation with the Men of Ringlo Vale, Dor-en-Ernil, and Lower Lebennin. The bounty quests found in Dor-en-Ernil and Ringlo Vale now award more reputation on each of their three possible completions, and all of the repeatable quests available after finishing the main storyline of each area now award substantially more reputation.
  • The three soldiers you spar with in Imloth Melui now have fixed, unchanging appearances.
  • Lossarnach: In The Smoke Lures, billboard text now pops up letting you know enemies are coming, and you should stick around to fight them (Also, in the nothernmost fire-site, should you happen to have missed enemies required by the quest, you can hang out and more enemies will spawn until the quest is complete).
  • Text in opening of Madness of Vanyalos instance now matches the audio completely.
  • Vanyalos should be far less likely to run back to the bluffs over the Anduin, after the first time she reaches them.
  • In Madness of Vanyalos, non-instance enemies north and south of the area will no longer show up in the instance.
  • Limlight Gorge - Limlight landscape monsters now drop Limlight Rep and daily repeatables can be reset.


  • A milestone has been added to Iorelen's Camp.
  • A stable master has been added to Iorelen's Camp.

Instances and Epic Battles

  • Deeds for the Ashes of Osgiliath instance cluster can now be found on a new tab on the "Instances" panel in your deed log.
  • Osgiliath Instances - Monsters in scaled versions of the instances will no longer aggro from a huge range and will wait until you are close to begin attacking.
  • Morgul Crest drops have been increased by 50%.
  • Dargnakh Unleashed - Dargnakh's Pounded attack does a more reasonable amount of damage.
  • Carn Dum - Gurthul has practiced his fell magics and now knows how to stun Rune-keepers, Wardens, and Beornings.
  • Sari-surma - Drugoth - Drugoth has learned to wield the power of Beornings. Hint: It involves bees.
  • Raid - Tower of Orthanc - boss hitpoints have been adjusted.
  • Epic Battles - Deeping Wall (Raid) - Legolas now always returns to the wall after Assault on the East Tower ends.
  • Epic Battles - Secondary quests in all group sizes should now properly award Marks and Medallions.
  • Epic Battles - Deeping Wall - Raid - The arrivals and locations of each of the three Shak-hai are now announced during the Epic Battle.
  • Epic Battle, Instance, and Skirmish Mark and Medallion gains have been rebalanced. Epic Battles should give a little less, and Instances and Skirmishes should give significantly more. This should mean that Epic Battles no longer give so many more marks than other instances. The goal of this change is to give you more options for what content to run to get Marks.
  • Some instances have had their Mark drop rates increased less. These instances include Sambrog, School at Tham Mírdain, Library at Tham Mírdain, Iorbar's Peak, Ost Elendil, and Stoneheight. These instances should still give more marks than before, but other instances should now give similar Marks per hour.

Ruined City

  • Deeds for Ruined City now bestow and complete correctly.
  • Text for Challenge quest is now worded more clearly.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Lumithil's first drama line wouldn't play.
  • Added a chest for defeating Jukotor.
  • The door to exit the Palace of Eldacar is now locked until you have defeated Lumithil.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mysterious Stranger would occasionally refuse to step forward and reveal himself.
  • Fixed a potential issue where defeating Lumithil too soon after the second Harrowing Fell-Spirit appears could result in eternally spawning Fell-Spirits.
  • Morgul Archers and other Orcs now are always using proper equipment.
  • The Bleeding Gash DoT now does less damage overall.
  • A number of small typos have been corrected.
  • Harrowing Fell Spirits not in Palace of Eldacar respawn less frequently.
  • Cargul's Mark and Bleeding Gash effects on players no longer persist after the symptoms vanish.
  • Thrug boss fight: Respawning Orc adds now turn off and on correctly when the boss fight restarts.
  • In Thrug boss fight: A cosmetic issue with the exit gate where it could get closed (but would then be ethereal) now fixed.
  • If Thrug should happen to exit combat during his fight, he will no longer get stuck in a frozen state until reset.

Dome of Stars

  • Upal-Keng's adds will no longer continue to spawn endlessly if he is killed within 20 seconds of starting the fight.
  • Deeds - Deeds for completing Tier 1 and Tier 2 will now properly complete at the end of the instance.

Class Traits and Skills


  • Second Wind's Imbued Power Restore legacy has been fixed and should now properly give you a moderate amount of power.


  • Armour Debuff Potency should now properly display and increase the debuff of Ancient Craft.
  • The Lore-master traits Enfeeble and Force of Will can now both affect Ancient Craft at the same time.
  • Lore-masters with both the Enfeeble and Force of Will traits will now have the correct duration on their Ancient Craft skill.


  • Fixed issue with Dust in The Eye Miss Chance legacy not properly increasing the potency of the debuff.


  • Minstrels with the Harmonious Anthems trait will now consume their anthems when using a coda.
  • Minstrels can no longer use Harmonious Anthems to stack three anthems per Minstrel for the whole group. Non-Harmonious Anthems Minstrel anthems still stack with each other.


  • The Spring Festival vendors now have their new rewards for 2015.
  • Items - Star-lit Crystals' max stack size has been increased to 50.
  • Beornings can now get appropriate gear from the In Their Absence instance chests.
  • Might-based agility armour has been added to a number of multi-output Tailor recipes.
  • Beornings now have both Eastemnet and Westemnet guild crafted Mounted Combat class bridle insignias.
  • The gear that drops from Hobbit Presents has been changed. Now, rather than getting a single piece of random gear from the 10-level band below you, you will get a box that lets you choose a specific piece of gear that is automatically set to your level, and is appropriate for your class. This box is bound to account, so you can send it to your other characters if you'd like.
  • The stats of some Hobbit Present gear have been slightly altered, especially past level 70. The gear should still be roughly the same power, but may have slightly different stats.
  • New level 50 Beorning gear is available at the Last Homely House.
  • Level 95 Minor Essences have been added to the Curiosities vendor at each skirmish camp. This should serve as an easy way to get non-level cap essences if you're having trouble finding the ones that you want.
  • The Gift of the Valar package can no longer be used above level 50, to prevent over-leveled players from accidentally opening the package.
  • The Gift of the Valar package now has an induction bar, so it's a little less likely to use on accident.

Legendary Items

  • Item XP now divides between only non-capped Legacies.
  • Imbued Legendary Weapons should now show correct "damage" text in examination tooltips from chat links or inspect windows.
  • The Advancement Trackers will now show the same XP bar and Level values as in the Legendary Items panel for Imbued items.
  • You can now correctly see the main legacy for class items in the "inspect" legendary item displays
  • Imbued Legendary Items no longer show the upgrade stars in their examination tooltip.
  • IMBUED LI: the potency of passive effects on Imbued Legendary Items (e.g., the +Parry Rating on a Champion's Greatsword of the First Age) is now tied to the tier of the Default Legacy on those items. This conforms to pre-Imbuement behavior, where applying a Star-Lit Crystal to an item would increase both the DPS and Passives: now, when your DPS (or equivalent) Legacy tiers up, the passives will increase as well.
  • IMBUED LI: Items ready for re-forge must be re-forged before they can be imbued.


  • Critical Chain Skills Critical Rating was not properly applying to a couple skills second attacks.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing Fury of Blades Damage legacy to not affect the second or third attack of Fury of Blades.
  • Ebbing Ire's Tactical Mitigation buff was not properly applying to the player, this has been fixed.
  • Horn Damage legacy should properly affect Horn of Champions.
  • Dire Needs Cooldown imbued legacy was not properly reaching its pre-imbuement levels and now should reach -60 seconds around rank 30.


  • Reactive Parry Damage should now properly apply to the Guardians Parry response skills.
  • Light Damage Legacy should now affect Cataclysmic Shout.
  • Simplified the cooldown legacy progression of Catch A Breath.
  • Turn the Tables Cooldown legacy should now cap at rank 35 at 30 seconds.
  • Upped the Damage Stamp gets per rank from its legacy.
  • Guardian's Pledge should now reach -60 second cooldown reduction at rank 35.
  • Shield Damage should properly cap at 25% damage at rank 35.


  • Spear- Shield Gambit Power cost legacy should now properly decrease power costs instead of increasing them.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Hampering Javelin Reset Chance legacy to not properly apply to the skill reset.

Player Music

  • You can now hear player music from 30 meters away (Used to be 15 for most instruments).
  • Lute of Ages has been added to the game. This instrument can be purchased from any bard and plays the musical notes of the lute before Update 15.3.
  • The Misty Mountain harp has been added to the game. It uses the appearance of Gléowine's Harp, but for player music uses its own unique notes. You can purchase this instrument from any bard.
  • Gléowine's Harp has a new icon that matches its player music appearance. It continues to play the notes of the basic harp.

General Instrument changes

  • Lowered the volume of the basic lute by about 12%.
  • Increased the volume of the flute by about 15%.
  • Tweaks were made to individual player music notes, including:
  • Clarinet:
  • F3 - Removed the buzzing noise at the start of the note.
  • A3 - Increased the volume to be more in line with surrounding notes.
  • A4 - Made note less metallic.
  • Bb4 - Removed the slight squeak at the start of the note.
  • Flute:
  • Removed some of the breathiness on several notes (D2, B2, Db3, F3, A4, Ab4, and C5).
  • Eb4 - Increased the volume to be more in line with surrounding notes.
  • Horn:
  • F3 - Increased the volume to be more in line with surrounding notes.
  • D4 - Attempted to make the note less buzzy.
  • Drum:
  • Decreased volume on the shakers.
  • Lute:
  • Decreased volume on several lute notes (Eb2, Eb3, B3, F4, and B4).
  • Removed metallic sounds from notes (Eb2, B3, B4).