Update 15.1 Hotfix Release Notes - December 18, 2014

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Update 15.1 Hotfix Release Notes

  • We have fixed a crash that would sometimes happen after teleporting into an area.
  • Pelargir:
  • Resolved issue with players under level 100 receiving no loot from Gifts of Pelargir, Humble Gifts of Pelargir, & Treasures of Pelargir 6 man loot boxes.
  • Important Note: Only level 100 players have access to the special surprise from the Gifts of Pelargir.
  • Some suppliers in Central Gondor got their names back
  • The Ettenmoors department of Public Works has fixed a rather large hole on the bridge in Hithlad. It is now safe to travel again.
  • Some Elite un-named creatures arrived a little early to greet players. They have been removed and will make an appearance again in a future update.