Update 15.1 Hotfix 1 Release Notes - November 10, 2014

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Update 15 Hotfix 1 Release Notes

Mac Users

  • We have resolved an issue where Mac Yosemite users were unable to access the store or customer support pages.
  • Special note for Mac users: Upon Exiting epic battles Mac users may experience a client crash. This only occurs on exiting big battles and we are continuing to investigate the issue.


  • We have fixed an issue where players dismounting a war-steed would lose whatever stance they were in at the time.


  • Varthmath lost his good looks when he wandered into Moria. He should have them back now.
  • The Jacket of the Great Shore should now have the correct appearance.

Epic Battles & Quests

  • Many of the Helm’s Deep epic battle quests that were missing the new gift boxes have been updated and will now give out their proper rewards.
  • During Volume 4 Book 2 - Chapter 2: Two Messengers: some of the Corsairs had rings who shouldn’t have. This should now be resolved.
  • Volume 4 Book 2, Chapter 3: Balakhor the Scourge: Captain Noreth should now always be waiting for you on the boat.
  • Big Battles - Pelargir - Quests - Archer Thisarti and Okurauo the Minstrel quests should now complete after killing the required enemies


  • We have fixed an issue where all of the rings from Pelargir had the exact same stats. They should all have class appropriate stats now and can accept essences.


  • One of the relics at Edhellond was stuck high up in a pillar. It's been lowered to the ground


  • Beornings in bear form now have unique faces that display the painted designs seen in man form


  • Burglar – Track treasure no longer overrides the displaying of crafting nodes on the radar


  • Minstrel - Skill - Using Call to Greatness on a Beorning now provides the proper buff.


  • Music System: We have fixed the squeaky A#4 Clarinet note


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