Update 12.2 - January 23, 2014

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Update 12.2 Release Notes - Official

Update 12.2 Release Notes - Official

Of Special Note

Addressing “Macroing” issues

Certain classes were able to cause some skills to ignore their cooldowns, causing a situation where those skills could be used repeatedly and rapidly on their target. This has been resolved.

Class Trait Quickslots Update

We now save/restore the state of your quickslots automatically when you change class trait configuration slots. A few things to be aware of:
When you switch to a given configuration slot for the very first time, the quickslots for that slot will be initialized from the way they look before you switched
When you earn a new skill through leveling, this skill will be automatically shortcut to the first available empty slot in each of the "non-current" trait configuration slots (if there's room)
Newly earned non-mounted-combat skills will be automatically quickslotted to the main (sword icon) quickslot page, no matter which page you are currently looking at (unlike previously)
Only the main quickslot page layout is saved/restored, and only for the main bar and bars 1-3. Bars 4 and 5 don't change when you change pages and their state will not be saved/restored
Only skills earned by leveling will be automatically shortcut for you for the non-current trait configurations. Other skills (for example milestone or travel skills bought through the webstore) will not

Thank you to the Players Council for their input and suggestions on how to address this issue and improve the experience.

Lore-master and Captain trait reset

Lore-masters and Captains have undergone trait changes causing their trait points to be reset with this patch. You will have to re-select your specialization and trait choices after logging in for the first time.

Based on player feedback…

We have smoothed out monster HP progression. Mid-level monsters (lvl 30-50) in particular will be a bit tougher. In addition, after many drills, the forces of the Enemy now use their basic attacks at a faster pace.
The stack size limit for Crafting and Hobby barter items has been removed.

Release Notes


The rating caps for block and evade has been increased slightly, whereas the cap for parry has been reduced. This is part of the ongoing adjustments that are still being made to stat caps and stat contributions.
Effects that make things happen every time you kill an enemy, for example the critical rating set bonus for monster players, now correctly trigger in PvMP.
The Improved Grave Wound damage will now correctly inherit the damage type of your primary weapon
Fixed an issue which could cause tooltips for pet commands to show the commands as locked instead of giving the skill examination.
Fixed a bug where Cyneberg was taking an excessively long time to start moving inside A Trail of Vengeance.
Class and Big Battle traits with less than max points spent in them will correctly show their number of points spent on logging out/in.
Items and monsters that can advance a hidden deed by using or killing them will no longer display information about the hidden deed in their tooltip. Because, you know...hidden.
Fixing an issue with the Moria class deeds ("Path of the __"). The deeds should now be restored on all players in their correct state of advancement.
Fixed an issue causing weapons to not be wielded when combat was initiated using some specific skills. Almost every class could be affected by this bug, but Lore-masters and Captains were affected often.



Burgle's base chance to burgle an item has increased slightly. In addition, you'll be told when attempting to burgle a target you've already burgled (which will fail).
Provoke no longer mentions threat.
The 'Disabling Gamble' effect no longer shows up, to reduce confusion. The daze applied by disabling gambles is still present.
Burglar - Bob and Weave's healing potency has been reduced.
The Damage over Time effect applied by Clever Retort actually deals damage now.


The Blade-brother's Call icon is more appropriate.
Grave Wound is now called Grave Wound, and doesn't mention being improved any longer.
The tooltips of Blade/Shield/Song-brother's Call have been cleaned up a bit.
Lacerate's bleed and the damage from your Standard of War/Valour/Honour now apply to Monster Players properly.
New traits have been introduced to make the Standard of Honour/Valour/War skills Ground Targeted. The initial Standard of Honour/Valour/War traits are now 4 ranks, giving 6/12/18/25% bonuses, from 5 ranks giving 5/10/15/20/25% bonuses.
Using Improved Routing/Rallying Cry will no longer prevent using the base version of the other skill for an extended period of time.
Threatening Shout can no longer be resisted.
Gallant Display properly tiers up the Gallant Display buff in all cases.


True Heroics can no longer miss or be blocked, parried, or evaded
Champion's Challenge can no longer be resisted.
Fixed the Sharpened Blades Trait and Rend skill so that Rend will refresh at tier 5 rather than expiring.
Fixing the deed "All in All" so that Blade-Wall's dual wield version contributes to deed completion.


A pass has been made at many of the Guardian's skills in order to increase combat speed and fluidity.
Block and Parry responses will no longer cancel each other out.
Radiate should no longer cause bleeds to be replaced by extremely low-damage ones.
Guardians should notice far less fluctuation in bleed values overall. Minor differences are still being worked on, but their effects should be minimal in regards to combat efficacy.
The power cost of Catch a Breath has been removed.
Charge and Brutal Charge should now provide immunity to slows while active
Shield-smash should now benefit from the Area Effect Melee Targets legacy
Catch a Breath should now appropriately display as active and will once again appear in the auto skill bar
Fray the Edge and Challenge can no longer be resisted.


The Damage Type of the bleed on Exsanguinate to has been changed to "Light" damage.
If you are a Trapper and you earn the trait "Advanced Placement" Tripwire will have no induction.
Added the movement speed dispel to the skill Cry of the Hunter.


Ravens have stopped being picky about their food and will once again eat crumbs.
Pet food level requirements have been adjusted to match when you unlock your pets.
The Bear's taunt should now be more effective and work similarly to class taunts
Pets were a wee bit too awesome. Their damage output has been decreased slightly.
Set Bonuses Adjustment - Critical Coordination - When your pet crits, your next skill will crit. You cannot gain this effect more than once every 15s.


Call of Earendil is coming back! Call of Orome will become Call of Earendil in Resonance and Melody Stances
The tooltips for some Minstrel Stances were incorrectly associating certain versions of Echoes of Battle with the wrong stances.


Changing the Ceaseless Argument Damage Legacy to increase damage rather than decrease it, switching it so it has no effect on power rather than decreasing it


Battle Memory versions of Resounding Challenge and Ranged Resounding Challenge should now have the correct damaging effects.
Shield Gambit Buff and Fist Gambit Buff Duration Legacies should now work on Determination Finisher Buffs
Standard Determination Buffs now last 30s by default, up from 24s
Determination Finisher Buffs now last 24s by default, up from 16s
An issue where Determination Finisher Buffs could overwrite each other has been fixed.

Monster Play

Creep Guards, such as Krahjarn Felarrows, will no longer occasionally attack their Creep allies after being harassed by Freeps.
Monsterplayer health potions are no longer useable by the Free People. Apologies in advance to those who enjoyed drinking The Blood of Men.
Chests of the First Marshal, Second Marshal, and Glan Vraig now carry updated rewards.


The new level 95 ring sets should now be available from your class vendors
The Guardian's Armour Trade-up for lvl 95 gear should now offer the correct gear
"Insignia of Soothing" is now "Insignia of the Call" and bestows its 10% Incoming Healing Debuff to Call of the Second Age.


Black Arrow's Moving Target now has a buff duration of 15s, down from 30s. The cooldown has also been increased to 90s, up from 40s.
Creep Health pots now heal for a percentage of their max health instead of a flat value. These range from 5% to 25% of their max health. They do, however, take into account healing bonuses.
Creep in combat and out of combat morale regen rates have been increased to compensate for their larger health pools.

Epic Battles, Raids, and Instances

Epic Battles


Engineer -- You can no longer pick up a second catapult, ballista, or barricade crate while you have the Place skill in your quickslot. This prevents you from accidentally destroying the additional crate as others picked up while the skill was active previously did not count.
All random secondary quests granted during each Epic Battle now have voice-overs for success and failure.
Deployable siege skills now have icons.
Barricades involved in objectives can no longer be disabled.
Targeting reticules employed by Epic Battle siege weaponry, such as catapults and ballistae, should no longer disappear at moderate distance from the camera.

Deeping Wall

Various debris will no longer be visible after the wall explodes.


All secondaries now properly award experience.

Glittering Caves

Cave In –
The cave in visual now always occurs on failure.
Gimli now stops mining everything in sight after the event ends.
Monsters now properly despawn at the end of the event, preventing a victory billboard from displaying (and marks/medallions being granted) if you killed the final monsters immediately after the quest failed.
Cave In -- 3-Man
The timer is once again the correct duration and the event should no longer fail early.
Spider Assault
It is now possible to earn a platinum medal on this quest. Also, the quest will now fail when the first major wave completes and the enemy archers advance on that side of the Glittering Caves.


Searching the Debris
Timer extended to 5 minutes. Waves spaced out slightly to accomodate the increased time.
All debris piles now sparkle when active.

The Hornburg

It is now possible to earn a platinum medal for the main quest in The Hornburg.
Bringing Down the Siege-ladders
Hook health and Troll health have increased and Orc damage has been buffed very slightly.
Winches in the Windows
Wounded Rohirrim/Healer NPCs can now be healed by the player via healing skills in addition to giving them orders.

Helm's Dike - Solo

A Stone Obstruction - Rohirrim Archers will now be attacked by enemy forces
Protect the Horses - Merit Point calculations have been adjusted to force players to be more involved
Protect the Horses - Horses will no longer fade when forced to flee by the enemy, instead they will run away for a short time before despawning
Guarding the Watchtower - Powder kegs should now be placed by Goblins, and enemies should be more aggressive in attacking the Tower
A Stone Obstruction - Added a more obvious effect to the rock carriers to help them be more visible
Guarding the Watchtower - Updated the enemy ai profiles to focus more on the tower
Statue of Helm Hammerhand - increased the number of enemies per wave, added merit loss for Rohirrim soldier defeat
A Stone Obstruction - adjusted enemy spawn rate
Flames at the Gate
Enemies should now path to the top of the gate and attempt to take out the archers
Rohirrim Archers found their bows again.
Arrows on the ground to be collected for archers now have a glow effect to allow players to find them more easily


The following instance loot has been replaced:

Burglar -

Ost Elendil: Greater Dextrous Hammer of Finesse with Greater Dextrous Dagger of Finesse
Halls of Night: Greater Dextrous Hammer of Finesse with Greater Dextrous Dagger of Finesse
Ost Dunhoth (Ivar): Greater Dextrous Hammer of Finesse with Greater Dextrous Dagger of Finesse
Seat of the Great Goblin: Greater Dextrous Hammer of Penetration with Greater Dextrous Sword of Penetration
Northcotton Farm: Greater Dextrous Hammer of Penetration with Greater Dextrous Sword of Penetration
Ost Dunhoth (Gortheron): Greater Dextrous Hammer of Penetration with Greater Dextrous Sword of Penetration

Champion -

Sword-hall of Dol Guldur: Greater Enduring Bracelet of Blocking with Greater Valourous Bow of Finesse
School at Tham Mirdain: Greater Enduring Bracelet of Blocking with Greater Valourous Bow of Finesse
Fornost (Wraith of Earth): Greater Enduring Earring of Blocking with Greater Valourous Bow of Finesse
Northcotton Farm: Greater Enduring Earring of Blocking with Greater Enduring Crossbow of Evasion
Seat of the Great Goblin: Greater Steadfast Necklace of Parrying with Greater Enduring Crossbow of Evasion
School at Tham Mirdain: Greater Steadfast Necklace of Parrying with Greater Enduring Crossbow of Evasion


An issue was discovered that would block completion of Servants of Saruman in Oserley (Cenulf would phase out.) While the inability to complete this quest does not block progress, : Cenulf's phasing needed to be fixed. It now requires that Servants of Saruman be completed, thus he will reappear for anyone who might have this quest sitting idle in their journal.