Trév Duvárdain

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Domongart, cheftain of the Trév Duvárdain
The lands of the Trév Duvárdain

The Trév Duvárdain is a tribe of Hill-men of Angmar and servants of the enemy.

These Hill-men were once a part of the Trév Gállorg tribe, but then the forces of Carn Dûm returned to Angmar and once again began to recruit new minions. Most of the members of the Trév Gállorg joined the Iron Crown and they became the corrupted Trév Duvárdain.

Their purpose today is to provide food to the orcs as well as to train fierce wargs, and crush the remaining members of the Trév Gállorg.

Towns and Strongholds

  • Donnvail - A large town, controlled by evil Angmarim.
  • Tór Gailvin - This stronghold was given to the Trév Duvárdain when they joined the Angmarim.
  • Duvárdain Quarter - The Duvárdain's section in Carn Dûm.


Domongart is the chieftain of the Trév Duvárdain, however, a puppet as the real orders come by messengers from Carn Dûm.

Trév Duvárdain

Soldiers of the Trév Duvárdain can be found at various places through Angmar. Carn Dûm, Donnvail, Fasach-falroid and Tór Gailvin to name a few of them.

Other members


The Trév Gállorg - The Trév Duvárdain have fought the Trév Gállorg for a long time, doing whatever they can to prove that they are the better and stronger tribe of Hill-men in Angmar.


The Iron Crown - The Hand of Angmar has claimed these Hill-men to be a part of their great army.