Thorin's Hall Deluxe House

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Thorin's Hall Deluxe House
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Hall Homesteads
Location: [15.7S, 104.8W]

Thorin's Hall Deluxe Houses are the largest personal houses available in Thorin's Hall Homesteads as part of the player housing system. Each neighbourhood contains 10 addresses with Deluxe Houses. The floor plan of the house is one large room with a fireplace and two smaller rooms. The stone construction is embedded into the walls of the Homestead for many, but not all, houses. The purchase costs are between Gold 650 Silver  and Gold 700 Silver  with maintenance costs ranging between 142 Silver 50 Copper  and 165 Silver  respectively.

The default surfaces for Thorin's Hall homes are:

For more information about furnishing the Deluxe House, see house and furnishings.

Deluxe house Exterior


House Address Location Purchase Cost Upkeep
3 Low Street [15.8S, 107.7W] Gold  150 Silver 
1 Roaring Road [16.3S, 106.2W] Gold 700 Silver  165 Silver 
4 Roaring Road [16.3S, 107.4W] Gold  150 Silver 
6 Roaring Road [15.8S, 108.1W] Gold 700 Silver  165 Silver 
1 Frothing Road [14.9S, 108.3W] Gold 700 Silver  165 Silver 
4 Frothing Road [14.1S, 107.7W] Gold  150 Silver 
4 Stonemirk Street [14.1S, 106.6W] Gold 650 Silver  142 Silver 50 Copper 
1 Highspires Street [15.1S, 106.5W] Gold  150 Silver 
2 Anvilsong Road [15.3S, 106.6W] Gold 700 Silver  165 Silver 
3 Cloven Crescent [15.1S, 107.4W] Gold 700 Silver  165 Silver