The Queen Regent's Edict

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Deed Lore

Erna, Queen Regent of Dale, has grown concerned by the continued tensions in the North.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Accept the summons of the Queen Regent of Dale
You have heard the summons of the Queen Regent of Dale.


Additional Information

From: Queen Regent of Dale
To: <name>
Subject: Unsavoury rumours
It has come to my attention that disreputable and distracting rumours have been spreading throughout the Dale-lands. This cannot continue if I am to heal the hurts of the war and strengthen the bonds of friendship with allies old and new. You have done much to aid Dale, and your efforts to aid the Elves and Dwarves of the North have not gone unnoticed. This is a delicate matter and one I would prefer to keep from the mind of the prince, lest he take such rumours to heart.
You may seek an audience with me when next you come to Dale. I trust you understand the faith I have placed in you.
Queen Regent of Dale
  • The exact Quests needed are: