Quest:Raid: Tyrant Bûrzgoth

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Raid: Tyrant Bûrzgoth
Level 150
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor
Starts at Glân Vraig
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.8S, 13.7W]
Ends with Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor
Ends at Glân Vraig
End Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.8S, 13.7W]
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Chain Glân Vraig
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Goblins! Goblins mining in the hills! And now there is a troll!

'The mine is overrun. The troll-tyrant by the name of Bûrzgoth moved to Grothum. We're asking all who are willing to go north in search of the beast. Find him, defeat him.

'You'll want to bring an army to face this foe, <class>.'


Along the northern edge of the Ettenmoors, in the low-lands of the Mountains of Angmar in the lands called Arador's End there is a mine: Isendeep. Here, goblins toil and delve into the metals, plundering from the earth.

Objective 1

The Tyrant Bûrzgoth can be found at Grothum, far to the north of Glân Vraig.

Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor at Glân Vraig directed you to seek out and defeat the Tyrant Bûrzgoth who oversees the goblin workers in the Isendeep Mine.

Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor: 'Preserve the ore, but defeat that troll. We need to take that mine to strengthen our forces here in the Ettenmoors.'

Objective 2

Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor awaits news of your victory over the Tyrant Bûrzgoth at Glân Vraig.

You met the Tyrant Bûrzgoth at Grothum and defeated him. You should return to Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor with the news.

Sergeant-at-Arms Hafthor: 'Finally a place worth the strength of the dwarves! We shall do what we can to hold the mine, though no doubt the Ongbúrz have already ordered a counterattack. You've done well, <name>.
'If we had more like you, the fight to keep the Enemy from the south would be won quickly.'