Quest:A Burglar's Errand

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A Burglar's Errand
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Any Burglar Trainer
Ends with Palma Brownlock
Ends at The Forsaken Inn
End Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [34.0S, 40.7W]
Quest Group Burglar
Class Burglar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have a message for you, <name>...a secret message. The message is: "Palma Brownlock waits for you at The Forsaken Inn."

'I don't have any more information for you than this...and for your own good, I'll not tell you where I heard it.'

This is a Solo quest, and cannot be completed with a Fellowship.


A burglar hones his skill by thieving items of little worth, but these excursions are mere dalliances when the fate of the Free Peoples is at stake.

Objective 1

Palma Brownlock is waiting for you at the Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands, just off the Great East Road.

You received a mysterious message that one "Palma Brownlock" is waiting to speak with you.

Palma: 'You're <name>? I heard about you from Atherol -- you helped him out not so long agoe, he said. Something about mushrooms? Good. I'm glad I've found the right burglar. You don't happen to still have any of those mushrooms, do you? Willing to part with any of them? No, forget I asked.
'I've called you here about something important that mushrooms -- hard to believe, I know! -- but some half-orcs have stolen this legendary sword, Medhrod, and the people around here are pretty upset about it. I don't know what's so important about this sword, but it had something to do with this old hero who once kept the road safe, and folk don't like it in the hands of the half-orcs!
'So what we're going to do is sneak into Naerost, the ruins they're using as their hideout, and you're going to grab the sword! Maybe that will cheer up the people around here -- they sure could use it! Just let men know when you're ready to go, and we cane set out.'

Objective 2

Palma Brownlock is at the Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands.

Palma Brownlock is waiting to travel with you to the hideout of the half-orcs that stole the sword she mentioned.

Palma: 'Are you ready to go? We'll steal the sword back from those half-orcs in no time at all!'

Objective 3

Palma Brownlock is at the Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands.

Palma Brownlock is waiting to speak with you about your successful infiltration of Naerost.

Palma: 'This was a good bit of burgling, <name>!
'You've got a sharp eye, even for a burglar. It's important to keep watch for any weaknesses in your opponents or their strongboxes, <name> -- but you don't need me to tell you that, do you?
'I'll return Medhrod to its rightful owners.'